Salmon Enhancement & Hatcheries
Fish Transport Permit

Fish transport permits (FTPs) are required to transport, possess, export from the state, or release live fish or their eggs into the waters of Alaska and are issued for fish propagation programs that benefit common property fisheries. The activity proposed in the FTP application must comply with previously approved guiding documents for the program, such as the Hatchery Permit or Statewide Stocking Plan. FTPs are issued by species, broodstock, location, life stage, and for a fixed period of time. FTP applications are reviewed by the ADF&G fish pathologist, fish geneticist, biologists, and other staff as delegated by the ADF&G commissioner. Reviewers ensure activities described in the FTP are consistent with ADF&G policies and may suggest conditions for the FTP. Reviewers provide their recommendation, and final consideration of the application is made by the ADF&G commissioner. When an FTP is renewed or amended, the FTP application goes through the same process as the original FTP. FTP review takes approximately 45 days.

Fish Transport Permit Application

FTP applications may be completed using the online application My FISH.

Aquatic Resource Permits

Aquatic Resource Permits (ARPs) are issued for the collection, transport, possession, propagation, and release of fish, invertebrates, amphibians and marine aquatic plants for scientific or educational purposes. This includes salmon research, feasibility studies for potential PNP hatchery production, vocational programs, and the extensive salmon in the classroom program conducted in schools across the state. To learn more, see the Aquatic Resource Page.