Salmon Enhancement & Hatcheries
Permit Alteration Requests (PARs)

Permit Alteration Requests are used to request changes to a Hatchery Permit. PARs are typically used to request a change in hatchery capacity, add a species or stock, or add a new release site.

Application forms

Permit alteration request forms are available in the following formats: Word 'fillable' Form (Word doc 67 kB) that can be filled in within Word, then printed, signed and then mailed back to us by standard mail, or as a printable PDF file (PDF 32 kB) that can be filled in with a typewriter and then returned to us by standard mail. This document must be "typed" and must be signed to be valid.

Generally, PARs must be received by the PNP Coordinator no later than February 15th of the calendar year in which they are to take effect. The deadline may be extended on a case-by-case basis if the request is justified by extraordinary circumstances or emergency.

Review process

Permit alteration requests are reviewed by regional planning teams, which make recommendations for their approval or denial. The commissioner may then consider their recommendations or other information to approve or deny the request. An approved PAR will result in a notice of permit alteration, which amends the hatchery permit, and may contain additional conditions or terms specified by the commissioner.

Statutes and Regulations

The permit alteration process is described in 5 AAC 40.850.