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The mission of the Gene Conservation Laboratory is to apply genetic principles and tools to support the management of commercially important fish and shellfish species in Alaska based on the sustained yield principle.


SPAM Mixture Analysis Papers and Posters

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Beacham, T. D., Wetklo, M., Wallace, C., Olsen, J. B., Flannery, B. G., Wenburg, J. K., Templin, W. D., Antonovich, A., and Seeb, L. W. In Review. The application of microsatellites for stock identification of Yukon River Chinook salmon . North American Journal of Fisheries Management.

Habicht C., L. W. Seeb and J. E. Seeb. 2007. Genetic and ecological divergence defines population structure of sockeye salmon populations returning to Bristol Bay, Alaska, and provides a tool for admixture analysis. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 136:000-000. Allele Frequencies (PDF 38 kB)



Habicht, C., Varnavskaya, N. V., Azumaya, T., Urawa, S., Wilmot, R. L., Guthrie, C. M. III, and Seeb, J. E. 2005. Migration patterns of sockeye salmon in the Bering Sea discerned from stock composition estimates of fish captured during BASIS studies. NPAFC Technical Report No. 6: 41-43.

Smith C. T., Templin W. D., Seeb J. E., Seeb L. W. 2005. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) provide rapid and accurate estimates of the proportions of U.S. and Canadian Chinook salmon caught in Yukon River fisheries. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 25:944-953.

Templin, W. D., R. L. Wilmot, C. M. Guthrie III, and L. W. Seeb. 2005. United States and Canadian salmon populations in the Yukon River can be segregated based on genetic characteristics. Alaska Fisheries Research Bulletin, Vol. 11 No. 1. PDF Version (PDF 420 kB)



Reynolds, J. H., and W. D. Templin. 2004. Detecting specific populations in mixtures. Environmental Biology of Fishes 69:233-244.

Reynolds, J. H., and W. D. Templin. 2004. Comparing Mixture Estimates by Parametric Bootstrapping Likelihood Ratios. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics 9(1):57-74.

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Antonovich, A., W. D. Templin, C. Habicht, J. Reynolds, and J. Seeb. 2003 Poster. Mixed Stock Analysis of Sockeye Salmon Allows for Detection of Small Contributions with Adequate Power: Bayesian Approach versus Maximum Likelihood. PDF Version (PDF 1,055 kB)

Reynolds, J. H., and W. D. Templin. 2003. Testing component contributions in finite discrete mixtures: detecting specific populations in mixed stock fisheries. Proceedings of the 2002 Annual Joint Statistical Meetings of the American Statistical Association. August, New York, USA.

pp. 2873-2878.

Reynolds, J. H., and W.D. Templin. 2003. Comparing Mixture Estimates by Parametric Bootstrapping Likelihood Ratios. In print. PDF Version (PDF 609 kB)



Baker, C.S., G.M. Lento, F. Cipriano and S.R. Palumbi. 2000. Predicted decline of protected whales based on molecular genetic monitoring of Japanese and Korean markets. Proc. R. Lond. 267, 1191-1199. PDF Version (PDF 205 kB)

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