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Work Session: October 15-16, 2018

Comment due date: Oct. 3, 2018
Location: Anchorage – Egan Center

Meeting Summary (PDF 231 kB)

Meeting Documents

Agenda Change Requests (View all ACRs) (PDF 133 kB)


Department Reports

Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 148 kB)

Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

RCs 1-10 are documents from ADF&G and are listed above

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC011 (PDF 2,724 kB) Salmon Hatcheries for Alaska Opposition to ACRs 1&2
RC012 (PDF 643 kB) Southeast Conference Resolution in Support of Hatcheries
RC013 (PDF 199 kB) Ketchikan Gateway Borough Resolution in Support of Hatcheries
RC014 (PDF 187 kB) Chugach Alaska Corp Resolution in Support of Hatcheries
RC015 (PDF 154 kB) Ouzinkie Native Corp Resolution in Support of Hatcheries
RC016 (PDF 50 kB) David Meeler ACR1 Support
RC017 (PDF 52 kB) Ric Bowen Hatchery comments
RC018 (PDF 301 kB) Tlingit&Haida Support ACR10
RC019 (PDF 3,354 kB) Henry Carlson, Per Nolan et al Oppose ACRs 1&2
RC020 (PDF 324 kB) USAG Opposition to ACR1
RC021 (PDF 133 kB) Tim Koeneman Support ACR2
RC022 (PDF 748 kB) Homer AC Minutes 10-9-2018
RC023 (PDF 3,246 kB) ADF&G Oral Report Salmon Fishery Enhancement in Alaska
RC024 (PDF 843 kB) ADF&G Oral Report Improving Delivery Sport Regs
RC025 (PDF 162 kB) BOF Standing Committees 2018-2019
RC026 (PDF 250 kB) Peter Bradley ACR10 New Info
RC027 (PDF 845 kB) Sitka Tribe ACR 10 Comments
RC028 (PDF 1,824 kB) Sitka Tribe ACR 10 Comments
RC029 (PDF 1,559 kB) Sitka Tribe ACR 10 Comments
RC030 (PDF 1,356 kB) Sitka Tribe ACR 10 Comments
RC031 (PDF 3,177 kB) Sitka Tribe ACR 10 Comments
RC032 (PDF 147 kB) Sitka Tribe ACR 10 Comments
RC033 (PDF 265 kB) Kodiak Borough and City Support KRAA
RC034 (PDF 90 kB) Bruce Cain ACR 1 and 2 comments
RC035 (PDF 81 kB) Bruce Cain ACR 8 comments
RC036 (PDF 80 kB) BOF Al Cain BB Area and Gear SHA
RC037 (PDF 51 kB) CRPWSAC PWS 2020 Meeting location comment
RC038 (PDF 231 kB) Paul Shadura ACR 6 Support
RC039 (PDF 3,236 kB) ADF&G Hatchery Reports Alaskas Precautionary Approach
RC040 (PDF 4,649 kB) ADF&G SF Hatchery Program
RC041 (PDF 158 kB) Cordova Chamber of Commerce re PWS meeting location
RC042 (PDF 141 kB) City of Cordova PWS meeting location
RC043 (PDF 336 kB) Village of Eyak PWS meeting location
RC044 (PDF 92 kB) CDFU PWS meeting location
RC045 (PDF 1,117 kB) Anchorage Municipality Resolution Supporting Hatcheries in AK
RC046 (PDF 1,483 kB) PWSACVDFA AK Salmon Hatchery Forum
RC047 (PDF 268 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Registration Area O Crab BGP
RC048 (PDF 513 kB) Miscellaneous Business Agenda
RC049 (PDF 152 kB) Board Committee Assignments (also RC25)
RC050 (PDF 35 kB) Huntington Yukon subsistence proposal

Meeting Audio

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