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Kodiak Finfish – January 10–13, 2017

Comment Deadline: December 27, 2016

Location: Kodiak– Best Western Kodiak Harbor Convention Center

Meeting Summary (PDF 141 kB)

Meeting Documents

Department Reports

CFEC Report

Department of Law Memo

Meeting Proposals

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Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC005 (PDF 4,752 kB) ADF&G Boards Memo on State Federal MOU
RC006 (PDF 173 kB) ADF&G Addendum to Staff Comments
RC007 (PDF 359 kB) BBEDC Prop 278
RC008 (PDF 261 kB) City of Unalaska Support Prop 278
RC009 (PDF 171 kB) PNCIAC Support Prop 278
RC010 (PDF 270 kB) City of Saint Paul Support Prop 278
RC011 (PDF 1,089 kB) NRC NMFS BRSF Survey Comparison
RC012 (PDF 426 kB) Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers Support Prop 278
RC013 (PDF 327 kB) Leonard Herzog Prop 278
RC014 (PDF 886 kB) Amy Fredette et al Proposal 63
RC015 (PDF 125 kB) Stig Yngve Ayakulik Sockeye
RC016 (PDF 87 kB) Chuck McCallum 20 Year Average Cape Igvak Sockeye Harevest
RC017 (PDF 154 kB) Bruce Barrett UCSF 2017 Chignik Lakes Sockeye Preseason Forecast
RC018 (PDF 95 kB) Bruce Barrett UCSF Proposed Cape Igvak SMP
RC019 (PDF 156 kB) Chuck McCallum Rural Participation Rates Chignik and Kodiak
RC020 (PDF 109 kB) UCIDA Sockeye Genetic Report
RC021 (PDF 137 kB) Alaska Bearing Sea Crabbers EBS Crab Stocks
RC022 (PDF 509 kB) Board Policy on King and Tanner Crab Resource Management
RC023 (PDF 25 kB) Jeff Hathaway Bairdi
RC024 (PDF 53 kB) Stig Yngve Prop 68
RC025 (PDF 261 kB) ADFG Chignik Bound Chignik Cape Igvak SEDM Harvest
RC026 (PDF 328 kB) Eric Dieters Upper Station Akalura Sockeye
RC027 (PDF 253 kB) Rick Metzger Alitak District Effort
RC028 (PDF 230 kB) ADFG Chignik Ex Vessel Values 1975 to 2014
RC029 (PDF 117 kB) ADFG Table 20 Chignik Mgmt Area Sockeye Salmon
RC030 (PDF 82 kB) Matt Alward Kodiak vs Chignik Ex Vessel Values
RC031 (PDF 1,266 kB) Paul Shadura KPFA Salmon
RC032 (PDF 45 kB) ADFG by request member Cain Sub language prop 58
RC033 (PDF 145 kB) Leonard Carpenter Testimony
RC034 (PDF 68 kB) Garret Kavanaugh Prop 55 Ammended Language
RC035 (PDF 1,409 kB) Kevin Fisher Alitak Escapement Review
RC036 (PDF 436 kB) Brad Underwood Board Minutes 2014 OEG
RC037 (PDF 142 kB) Danielle Ringer Testimony
RC038 (PDF 341 kB) Amy Fredette Proposal 63
RC039 (PDF 142 kB) Chuck McCallum Comparing Rural Participation Rates
RC040 (PDF 151 kB) Chuck McCallum Trends in Average Gross Earnings
RC041 (PDF 407 kB) Chuck McCallum Knapp on Permit Values and Potential Earnings
RC042 (PDF 237 kB) ADFG Boards Handout by Stig Yngve
RC043 (PDF 603 kB) Tom Walters Proposal 63
RC044 (PDF 138 kB) Duncan Fields Proposal 60
RC045 (PDF 284 kB) Duncan Fields Karluk Escapment Goals
RC046 (PDF 91 kB) Eric Dieters Prop 59 Alternatives
RC047 (PDF 39 kB) Ernie Weiss Prop56 Committee of the Whole
RC048 (PDF 321 kB) ABSC Draft Emergency Finding Tanner Crab
RC049 (PDF 59 kB) ABSC Sub language prop 278 TAC
RC050 (PDF 29 kB) ADF&G Sub language prop 60
RC051 (PDF 193 kB) ADFG Boards Public Testimony Log
RC052 (PDF 92 kB) Bruce Barrett Ammendment to Cape Igvak Management Plan
RC053 (PDF 68 kB) Duncan Fields Ouzinkie Harvest Area Language Change
RC054 (PDF 140 kB) Erik Huebsch UCIDA Request for BGP
RC055 (PDF 492 kB) Paul Shadura KPFA Request for BGP
RC056 (PDF 95 kB) Bryan Horn Retention of Commercial Caught King Salmon
RC057 (PDF 33 kB) ADF&G Sub Language Prop 57
RC058 (PDF 124 kB) ADFG for Member Morisky Sampling Locations for Chinook Originating for UCI
RC059 (PDF 30 kB) ADF&G Prop 281 BGP
RC060 (PDF 289 kB) ADFG Boards for Board of Fisheries Draft Board Letter re Habatat Permitting
RC061 (PDF 64 kB) ADFG Request for Jensen Substitute Language Prop 60
RC062 (PDF 177 kB) Susan Payne Proposal 60
RC063 (PDF 64 kB) ADF&G Boards Misc Business Agenda
RC064 (PDF 123 kB) ADFG for Morisky Sampling Locations for Sockeye Salmon in UCI
RC065 (PDF 144 kB) Duncan Fields Response to rc 54 and 55
RC066 (PDF 103 kB) Duncan Fields Allocative Impacts of New Karluk Escapment Goals
RC067 (PDF 124 kB) ADFG Boards Record Copy Log Kodiak Finfish

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