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Species Reported in Alaskan Fresh Waters


Taxa, scientific name Taxa, common name Native or Introduced Typical life history
Lampetra alaskense Alaskan brook lamprey Native Resident
Lampetra ayresii American river lamprey Native Anadromous
Lampetra camtschatica Arctic lamprey Native Anadromous
Lampetra camtschatica/Lampetra alaskense Arctic-Alaskan brook lamprey paired species Native Anadromous or resident
Lampetra richardsoni western brook lamprey Native Resident
Lampetra tridentata Pacific lamprey Native Anadromous
Lampetra sp. lamprey-unspecified   Anadromous or resident
Acipenser medirostris green sturgeon Native Anadromous
Acipenser transmontanus white sturgeon Native Anadromous or resident
Acipenser sp. sturgeon-unspecified   Anadromous or resident
Alosa sapidissima American shad Introduced Anadromous
Clupea pallasii Pacific herring Native Principally marine/estuarine
Clupeidae herrings-unspecified    
Couesius plumbeus lake chub Native Resident
Catostomus catostomus longnose sucker Native Resident
Esox lucius northern pike Native Resident
Dallia pectoralis Alaska blackfish Native Resident
Hypomesus olidus pond smelt Native Resident
Hypomesus pretiosus surf smelt Native Principally marine/estuarine
Osmerus mordax rainbow smelt Native Anadromous
Spirinchus thaleichthys longfin smelt Native Anadromous
Thaleichthys pacificus eulachon Native Anadromous
Osmeridae smelt-unspecified   Anadromous or resident
Coregonus autumnalis Arctic cisco Native Anadromous
Coregonus clupeaformis lake whitefish Native Resident
Coregonus laurettae Bering cisco Native Anadromous or resident
Coregonus nasus broad whitefish Native Anadromous or resident
Coregonus nelsonii Alaska whitefish Native Resident
Coregonus pidschian humpback whitefish Native Anadromous
Coregonus clupeaformis/C. nelsonii/C. pidschian humpback whitefish complex Native Anadromous or resident
Coregonus sardinella least cisco Native Anadromous or resident
Prosopium coulteri pygmy whitefish Native Resident
Prosopium cylindraceum round whitefish Native Resident
Stenodus leucichthys inconnu Native Anadromous or resident
Coregoninae whitefish-unspecified   Anadromous or resident
Thymallus arcticus Arctic grayling Native Resident
Oncorhynchus clarkii cutthroat trout Native Anadromous or resident
Oncorhynchus gorbuscha pink salmon Native Anadromous
Oncorhynchus keta chum salmon Native Anadromous
Oncorhynchus kisutch coho salmon Native Anadromous
Oncorhynchus mykiss rainbow trout Native Anadromous or resident
Oncorhynchus nerka sockeye salmon Native Anadromous
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Chinook salmon Native Anadromous
Iteroparous Oncorhynchus sp. trout-unspecified   Anadromous or resident
Semelparous Oncorhynchus sp. Pacific salmon-unspecified   Anadromous
Salmo salar Atlantic salmon Introduced Anadromous
Salvelinus alpinus Arctic char Native Anadromous or resident
Salvelinus fontinalis brook trout Introduced Anadromous or resident
Salvelinus malma Dolly Varden Native Anadromous or resident
Salvelinus namaycush lake trout Native Resident
Salvelinus sp. char-unspecified   Anadromous or resident
Salmonidae salmon, trout, char, grayling or whitefish, unspecified   Anadromous or resident
Percopsis omiscomaycus trout-perch Native Resident
Lota lota burbot Native Resident
Boreogadus saida Arctic cod Native Principally marine/estuarine
Eleginus gracilis saffron cod Native Principally marine/estuarine
Gadus macrocephalus Pacific cod Native Principally marine/estuarine
Gadidae cod-unspecified    
Gasterosteus aculeatus threespine stickleback Native Marine/estuarine, resident, or anadromous
Pungitius pungitius ninespine stickleback Native Marine/estuarine, resident, or anadromous
Gasterosteidae stickleback-unspecified   Marine/estuarine, resident, or anadromous
Clinocottus acuticeps sharpnose sculpin Native Principally marine/estuarine
Cottus aleuticus coastrange sculpin Native Resident
Cottus asper prickly sculpin Native Resident
Cottus cognatus slimy sculpin Native Resident
Leptocottus armatus Pacific staghorn sculpin Native Principally marine/estuarine
Myoxocephalus quadricornis fourhorn sculpin Native Principally marine/estuarine
Cottidae sculpin-unspecified    
Perca flavescens yellow perch Introduced Resident
Cymatogaster aggregata shiner perch Native Principally marine/estuarine
Platichthys stellatus starry flounder Native Principally marine/estuarine
Pleuronectes glacialis Arctic flounder Native Principally marine/estuarine
Pleuronectidae righteye flounders-unspecified   Principally marine/estuarine