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Inventory Maps: The Fish Resource Monitor runs using the Adobe Flash Player and displays the location of sites where fish have been collected or observed. The Alaska Freshwater Fish Inventory(AFFI) data sets are provided for general reference and to aid users in generating various natural resource analyses and products. Please read the Liability Statement before beginning. The new viewer allows access to AFFI points, Fish Passage (culverts), and Anadromous Waters Catalog (AWC) data sets all in a single application.

The map incorporates sampled locations from the AFFI data set as well as USGS base maps, aerial photos, roads, communities, streams. Interactive mapping provides you the ability to create your own maps by zooming in and out to an area of interest, selecting features you would like to know more about, searching for specific areas or species, copying the map, and viewing detailed reports.

Tips for getting started with the Fish Resource Monitor: Adobe Flash Player required

Main map function

  • Select one of the three 'Modes' or datasets using the buttons across the top of the mapper (AWC, FishPassage, or Fish Inventory)
    • The "Anadromous Waters Catalog" button will give users access to the AWC points (only visible at large scales) and streams, Township polygons and ADF&G Special Area polygons.
    • The "Freshwater Fish Surveys" Button will give users access to AFFI point information
    • The "Fish Passsage" Button will give users access to Culvert information
  • The "AWC" button in the second row is used to look up AWC codes (found in the species string attribute of the AWC points) and to add a single AWC species/lifestage theme to the map. These line features will appear as magenta lines on top of the AWC blue lines
  • There are two main basemaps: USGS topo maps and aerial photos, to change the basemaps toggle the buttons (Topo and Imagery) on the upper right part of the interface.

Map navigation

  • To zoom the map in or out, use the slider bar at the top left of the map or roll your mouse wheel.
  • Users can also zoom in on a rectangular area by holding the Shift - key and dragging a box. Double clicking on map will zoom in one level.
  • Panning (re-centering) is always available by holding down your mouse button and dragging the map.

Identify features

  • Click the Identify button to engage Identify functionality, then click on map features to access feature attributes.
  • More information will be available for certain features (AWC Points and streams, AFFI points and culverts) via a report button at the bottom right of the Identify window.

Search AFFI features (only available when displaying AFFI data)

  • Allows user to select AFFI survey points by fish species observed and/or by survey project. Highlights features and zooms map to selected features.