Aquatic Farm Authorization Requirements
Activities Managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers

Activities Covered:
Authorizes the placement of aquatic farm structures in navigable waters within the State of Alaska.
To prevent unauthorized obstruction or alteration of any navigable water of the United States.
Dependent on what type of authorization is required for the project. There are three permit types used for aquatic farm projects:

For General Permit (GP) verification – General Permit POA-2006-1035 explanation, conditions, and application form; agency review; and issuance of verification. The application form is on Page 10. The Alaska District general permit (GP) POA-2006-1035 is an authorization for aquatic farm projects that follow all of the conditions listed. A general permit authorizes minor activities that have minimal adverse cumulative effects on the environment without the need for individual permit processing. Most aquatic farm projects in Alaska fall under this type of permit. Note: Once all state regulatory agencies approve the development of an aquatic farm site, authorization can be requested under the Regional General Permit POA-2006-1035. A GP is issued for five years, at which time they automatically expire, unless the Alaska District reissues the GP.

For projects that fall outside of the USACE General Permit terms and conditions use Application form (ENG Form 4345); see permit application and instructions. These authorizations require agency review before issuance. Letter of Permission – A letter of permission is an authorization for navigable water activities such as aquatic farm projects in which objections are unlikely, and do not qualify for general permit. Individual Permit - An individual permit is an authorization required for an aquatic farm project not covered by the US Corps of Engineers (USACE) General Permit and may be controversial in nature or may cause larger environmental impacts.

For monitoring - Site inspections may be conducted.


More Information: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District

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