Aquatic Farm Authorization Requirements
Activities Managed by the Department of Natural Resources

The Department of Natural Resources issues the following permits:

  1. Aquatic Farm Site Lease

Aquatic Farm Site Lease

Activities Covered:
Leasing of all state upland or tidal and submerged land activities. The state owns tidal and submerged land up to 3-miles away from any given shoreline.
To provide for development of state land for shellfish and marine plant aquatic farms.
For tidal and submerged land lease - Joint-agency aquatic farm site application, application fees, interagency review, preliminary findings, 30 day public notice, final finding and decision, lease agreement signatures, annual fee and performance bond due, and lease issued for 10 yr. period; For lease renewal - reassignment form, renewal fee, agency review, preliminary findings, 30 day public notice, final finding and decision, and lease issued for additional 10 yr. period with issuance conditional on compliance with all permits and approved operation and development plan; For lease reporting - Joint-agency annual report; and Monitoring - site inspections.
  • Over-the-counter packet fee (OTC sites only): $25.00
  • Application filing fee (all applications): $100.00
  • Public Notice: Beginning on January 1, 2011, the applicant must pay for all costs associated with the required public notice and the cost may be shared if two or more applications are being noticed simultaneously. A publication of a legal notice in newspapers of statewide circulation and in newspapers of general circulation in the vicinity of the proposed action (aquatic farm project) is required at least once a week for two consecutive weeks (AS 38.05.945 (a)(2)(A)).
  • Lease fees: For an aquatic farm only - $450 for the first acre plus an additional $125 per acre. For an aquatic farm with housing facilities associated with the aquatic farm - $850 for the first acre plus $125 for each additional acre. Note: The fee schedule is adjusted every 5 years. If you do not want to use the lease fee schedule, an applicant can pay for an appraisal to be done.
  • Bond requirement: $2,500.00 (minimum) for individual or 50 percent of the amount calculated for an association.
  • Lease amendment fee: $100.00 for individual, $200.00 for corporation
  • Lease renewal fee: $100.00, $200.00 for a corporation

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