Aquatic Stock Acquisition and Transport Permit (5 AAC 41.290)

Applying for an Aquatic Stock Acquisition and Transport Permit (from wild source to facility)

An Aquatic Stock Acquisition Permit is required to collect wild stock outside of an aquatic farm or hatchery site, for the purposes of providing broodstock to a hatchery or wild stock directly to an aquatic farm within the State of Alaska. The department must issue a Aquatic Stock Acquisition and Transport Permit before any collections or shipment may occur. The receiving entity to where the wild stock is being transported to is responsible for applying for this type of permit.

To request approval to collect wild stock, use the Aquatic Stock Acquisition and Transport Permit application form and submit it to the department at least 30 days before the requested date of collection.

*NEW* ADF&G has launched the My Farm online service that will allow operation permit holders to access their ADF&G permit information, apply for stock transport permits, aquatic stock acquisition permits, and submit annual report information. Please transition to using this service. To set up a My Farm account, please contact the Permit Coordinator for information.

If you are unable to use the My Farm services, use the application forms below.

ADF&G requires the aquatic stock acquisition and transport permit holder or permit holder's authorized collectors to have, in their physical possession, a copy of the approved Aquatic Stock Acquisition and Transport Permit before collection and transport may take place.

Larval Drift Zone and Genetic Policy

Transport of shellfish or invertebrate stock (with the exception of oysters) between aquatic farm(s) and/or hatchery will be limited to waters within an approved larval drift zone as referenced in 5 AAC 41.41.295(d). The zones are depicted on the Genetic Larval Drift Zone Map (PDF 61 kB).

For transfer of aquatic plant species, the current genetic policy requires that the seed stock must be created from broodstock collected within 50km by water from the grow-out location. Please contact a permitted hatchery to ensure there is space available for your specific stock requirements.