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Applying for Stock Transport Permit

A Stock Transport Permit is required to import, export, and transfer seed stock to, from, or between an aquatic farm, nursery, and hatchery in the state of Alaska. The department must issue a Stock Transport Permit before shipment of any seed stock may occur. The permit holder whose site the seed stock is being transported to is responsible for applying for this type of permit. A copy of the permit must be on file at the certified facility where seed stock originated before shipment of stock.

To request approval to transport seed stock, use the Stock Transport Permit application form and submit it to the department at least 45 days before the requested date of transport.

Seedstock acquired and transported to an aquatic farm or hatchery must be from a department-certified source. You can find a list of certified seed sources here (PDF 159 kB).

Larval Drift Zone

Transport of stock between aquatic farm, hatchery, or stock acquisition sites will be limited to waters within an approved larval drift zone as referenced in 5 AAC 41.41.295(d). The zones are depicted on the Genetic Larval Drift Zone Map (PDF 61 kB).