Applying for Operation Permit
Pre-Authorized Sites

You can also apply for pre-authorized sites through Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The state has a list of deactivated and closed sites available on the DNR pre-authorized sites. To apply, you must contact DNR and pay a $25.00 fee to obtain an application packet for a specific designated area. You must use the same or smaller footprint within the pre-authorized site and provide information on how you plan to operate the farm. The application asks for information on

  • the acreage requested,
  • the footprint of the proposed site within the area, and
  • summary of your operation and development plans.

Once you completed the application, submit it to DNR with a $100 application filing fee. If the proposed site is on-bottom, a person must include an additional survey fee of $5,000 for subtidal and $2,000 for intertidal to determine the initial abundance of the wild stock on the site of the species intended for culture.

  • List of Pre-authorized sites to lease (PDF 12 kB). This list is provided as a general overview of pre-authorized sites available. The list provides site, culture method, total acres available, and DNR ADL numbers associated with the site. For up-to-date information, please refer to ADNR list of available areas: Over-The-Counter Aquatic Farm Area

    Note: The preauthorized sites are listed by area on at the same web site as the OTC designated areas.

For more information on the OTC program, please contact the Department of Natural Resources aquatic farm program manager at (907) 269-8543 or visit the following website: