Applying for a Special Area Permit

An aquatic farmer must have a current Special Area Permit, in order to locate and operate an aquatic farm in a critical habitat area, state refuge, or sanctuary. The Joint-Agency Aquatic Farm Program Application provides information for the review and approval process for this type of permit. Once an Aquatic Farm Operation Permit is approved, the ADF&G Division of Habitat, can issue the Special Area Permit. There is no fee for this permit.

Special Area Permits for aquatic farms are valid for five years. These permits are subject to review before a renewal will be issued for another 5 years. Currently, Kachemak Bay is the only critical habitat that has active aquatic farms in Alaska.

Before the expiration date of the 5-year Special Area Permit, a permit holder must apply for a Special Area Permit renewal. The Special Area Permit Application Form (PDF 70 kB) can be used for this renewal.

Contact: Tony Munter, Area Manager, at (907) 714-2478 for more information or find more on the web about Special Areas Permitting.