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Applying for Aquatic Farm Operation Permit Transfer

The Aquatic Farm Operation Permit Transfer Application is used to request a transfer of your Aquatic Farm Operation Permit to another entity. A person to whom a permit is being transferred to may use the operation permit only for the purposes of the original permit and is subject to the same permit conditions and limitations. A transfer requires the approval and signature of the current permit holder on the application. A $100.00 transfer fee is required and must be submitted with the completed form. If you are transferring your operation permit and there is an aquatic farm lease, please contact DNR for a reassignment of the lease.

You may also be required to provide additional information (project description, site plans, diagrams, and drawings, etc.) to update the operation permit.

To transfer an ADF&G Aquatic Farm Operation Permit to another person you must submit the following:

  • Aquatic Farm Operation Permit Transfer Request Form
  • Updated Operation and Development Plan Form
  • Cross Sectional and Overhead Drawings of gear, equipment, and facilities, if needed
  • $100 fee to ADF&G (made to State of Alaska)
  • Apply at least 30 days before transfer is required

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