Applying for Operation Permit

Reporting Requirements

Annual Report (5 AAC 41.276)

An annual report is required to be submitted to ADF&G by January 31 for every year the operation permit is effective, regardless of whether or not the site was in operation.

*NEW* ADF&G has launched the My Farm online service that will allow operation permit holders to access their ADF&G permit information, apply for stock transport permits, aquatic stock acquisition permits, and submit annual report information. Please transition to using this service. To set up a My Farm account, please contact the Permit Coordinator for information.

Hatchery Logs

Hatchery Annual Management Plan (5 AAC 41.276)

Each hatchery is required to submit an annual management plan (AMP) is due to the department no later than January 15 of each year. The plan provides a summary of the hatchery operations planned activities for the upcoming calendar year. The plan must include the following:.

  • anticipated broodstock acquisition needs;
  • number of species to be collected;
  • location of species to be collected;
  • schedule of species collection;
  • anticipated transports;
  • projected availability of seedstocks for the upcoming year.

Hatchery Basic Management Plan (5 AAC 41.276)

Each hatchery is required to have a Basic Management Plan (BMP) approved by the commissioner to describe facility culture methods, planned production, and broodstock requirement needs. The basic management plan shall be drafted in conjunction with departmental staff and the hatchery permit holder and filed as an addendum to the current permit approved by the commissioner and is to be revised whenever changes are necessary or at least every five years.