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Prince William Sound Area

Prince William Sound is home to the world famous Copper River Salmon Fishery. Every summer Chinook and sockeye salmon from the waters of Prince William Sound are harvested by commercial fishers and flown directly south where they receive a red carpet welcome in Seattle. Prior to the opening of the commercial fishery though, residents of Prince William Sound harvest the salmon they require for subsistence. Rural communities in Prince William Sound include Chenega Bay, Cordova, Tatitlek, and Whittier. Valdez is also located within Prince William Sound; however, with a larger population and road access it has been deemed a nonsubsistence use area. There are other fish besides salmon that are plentiful within Prince William Sound including halibut, rockfish, and herring. Shellfish such as king and Tanner crab, as well as shrimp, are also harvested. See fishing information.

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