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Commercial Fishing Reporting

Accurate and complete reporting is essential to sustainable management of Alaska’s fishery resources. Regulations requires specific information be reported to ADF&G. Alaska Administrative Code 5 AAC 39.130 is the primary, but not the single regulation, that addresses state reporting requirements. For information on specific fisheries, registration and reporting requirements and management, contact your nearest ADF&G office. Additional regulations relate to openings and closings, vessel and permit registration, overage and bycatch, and logbook requirements.

The eLandings reporting system is being incrementally implemented with all commercial fisheries in Alaska. This system consists of three applications: eLandings web application for shoreside and internet capable vessels, seaLandings desktop application for internet disconnected at sea vessels and tLandings thumb drive application for salmon and other tender or buying station operations. The eLandings system electronically generates an ADF&G fish ticket for signature and submission.

5 AAC39.130 also states that the Commercial Operators Annual Report (COAR) be completed and submitted for receipt no later than April 1 for the previous year’s activity for all operations that are required to submit a COAR.

All harvest from Alaska state waters, or of a state managed species, must be reported using the eLandings system or on a paper ADF&G fish ticket form and then submitted to the nearest ADF&G office. All fishing activity within state waters, including harvesting, processing or off-loading or harvest connected with the CDQ fishery program must be reported on reporting using the eLandings system or on a paper ADF&G fish ticket form and then submitted to the nearest ADF&G office.

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