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Willow Mountain — Critical Habitat Area
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Public Use and Access

The remote character of the area combined with little use by other competing interests have served to limit use of the area to hunters, trappers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The critical habitat area is popular with moose and ptarmigan hunters from Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, and Willow areas. Trapping occurs throughout the area. Dog mushers, cross-country skiers, and snowmachiners visit the area in the winter. Snowmachining is a popular activity in late winter and early spring as well. Incidental sport fishing occurs along Little Willow and Iron creeks but not in the numbers found farther downstream near stream mouths.

Public access into the critical habitat area is gained from the south via the Peters-Purches Creek Trail off of Hatcher Pass Road and the Willow Creek Mountain Trail off of the Willer-Kash Road. Trails in the area are unmaintained and can be seasonally wet and very muddy. Contact the Department of Fish and Game office in Palmer to learn about current restrictions on off-road vehicle use in the critical habitat area designed to prevent damage to habitat and avoid disturbance and displacement of moose during the critical post-rut period.

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