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Class Information Date(s) Facility Cost per adult
Firearms 101: An introduction to new hunters

Are you interested in acquiring a firearm but unsure where to start? This course will walk you through a conversation of discovery as we help you assess your specific needs. Explore the possibilities as you consider the available options for firearms as well as ammunition to match your intended purpose. This course will include a review of firearms safety with an emphasis on the specific circumstances you might expect to encounter in the field or on the range.

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Wednesday, May 22, 6:30–9pm Palmer ADF&G, 1800 Glenn Highway, Palmer $0
Wild Plants and Outdoor Cooking

Join us for an interpretive hike where you'll learn the common names and properties of wild plants. Help harvest some of nature's edible delights to add to recipes we'll cook up in our backcountry kitchen. We'll set up different camp stoves and discuss how to plan and prepare lightweight, delicious meals for your next outdoor adventure.

— Not yet available for registration.
June 15 TBD $30
Small Game — Field to Fork

Ptarmigan, grouse and hare can make a tasty dinner. Participants will venture into the field to learn where to find them, then practice field dressing and cooking small game. This class is geared for adults and youth 10 and up.

— Not yet available for registration.
June 29 Matanuska Experiment Farm and Hatcher Pass $20
Archery for All

How do you hold a bow? What is a "nock?" Can you really hit that target? Absolutely! Our expert instructors will have you shooting bows successfully in no time!

— Not yet available for registration.
Fall TBD TBD $20
Outdoor Survival

Have you ever been stuck in the wilderness unexpectedly? Give yourself a better shot at surviving and being found by learning the basics of how to signal a rescue party, create an emergency kit, build a fire, and prevent bear encounters.

— Not yet available for registration.
August 17 TBD $20