Alaskans Afield


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Winter Survival Skills

Be comfortable and confident when venturing outdoors in winter. Join us to learn the basics of dressing comfortably for the cold and how to keep yourself alive in an emergency. Learn what to put in your survival kit and how to use it. Learn how to make shelters, fire, generate water, signal for help and keep the right attitude in a survival situation.

Register for Winter Survival Skills
Sat., Feb. 9 (10am–2pm) ADF&G main office and Creamer's Field $25
Animal Tracks in Snow

Ever wonder what animal is leaving those tracks in the snow? Determining tracks in snow can be very challenging. Come out for a day in the field and learn about all the wildlife tracks and sign we can find. Learn about animal gaits, track patterns, aging tracks, and more.

Register for Animal Tracks in Snow
Sat., Feb. 23 (10am–2pm) To be determined $20