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Kalgin Island — Critical Habitat Area
Fish and Wildlife


The critical habitat area provides spring and fall resting and feeding habitat for swans, geese, ducks, and shorebirds and is an important alternative habitat used each year by a portion of the thousands of waterfowl that use nearby Redoubt Bay wetlands. Greater yellowlegs and common snipe can be seen during summer months. Northern harriers hunt the marshes and bald eagles scavenge along the shoreline. Arctic terns also hunt for fish along the shoreline.


Harbor seals haul out in intertidal regions at the mouth of Swamp Creek. Small mammals, including river otter and beaver can be found in the wetlands, red-backed and tundra voles can be found at the wetland fringes, and red squirrels inhabit spruce in adjacent upland forests. Fox were introduced onto Kalgin Island in the 1930s and moose were introduced in the late 1950s.


Swamp Creek and its tributaries drain the critical habitat wetlands and the mouth of the creek provides an estuarine staging area for silver salmon. Set net fishing for salmon occurs along the shore.