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Overview and Example Projects

Photo of a stream The Streambank and Shoreline Rehabilitation and Protection Program (Program) is a financial incentive and educational outreach program directed towards private landowners and public land managers. The Program began in 1995 on the Kenai Peninsula and expanded to the Matanuska-Susitna (Mat-Su) Basin in 2007 and to the Fairbanks area in 2008. ADF&G partners with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), nonprofit organizations, local governments, and landowners to rehabilitate and sustain salmon habitat in each project area.

The goal of the Program is to sustain and improve salmon habitat. There are several objectives that help the program reach the goal, these include removal of bank hardening structures, maintaining and protecting healthy riparian corridors and fish habitats, and stabilizing and rehabilitating habitat that has already been damaged.

  • Covering the Kenai Peninsula and Fairbanks - Jess Johnson at (907) 267-2403.
  • Covering the Mat-Su area - Amy LaBarre at (907) 267-2146.

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To date the ADF&G Streambank and Shoreline Rehabilitation and Protection Program and its partners have carried out about 900 streambank and shoreline rehabilitation and projection projects on both public and private lands throughout Alaska. Just over, 2.0 miles of debris such as tires, riprap, and concrete cinderblocks have been removed from streambanks and shorelines; another 16.9 miles has been protected by stabilizing the bank with rootwads, cabled spruce trees, fencing, and elevated light penetrating walks; and finally, 12.1 miles have been rehabilitated by installing vegetation thorough bush layers, live staking, vegetative mats, and direct planting of potted plants. View these projects in the adjacent tabs.

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