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Southcentral Region Meeting: March 17 - 22, 2023

On-time comments due: 3/3/2023
Location: Soldotna Regional Sports Complex
538 Arena Drive
Soldotna, AK 99669

Meeting Summary (PDF 240 kB)

RC1: Meeting Documents

RC2: On-Time Advisory Committee Comments

RC3: On-Time Public Comments

  • On-Time Public Comments (All) (PDF 27,134 kB)
  • RC4: Department Reports

    RC5: ADF&G Comments on Proposals (Posted 3/2/2023) (PDF 6,652 kB)


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    More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

    Record Copies (RCs) — Documents submitted during the meeting

    Record Copy (RC) # Description
    RC006 (PDF 678 kB) NPS Comments
    RC007 (PDF 1,175 kB) William Dunne Cooper Landing Trap Set Backs
    RC008 (PDF 1,100 kB) AK Trappers Assoc Sign
    RC009 (PDF 1,187 kB) Vernon Orange Cooper Landing trap Set Backs
    RC010 (PDF 886 kB) Col.David Wilson-USAF Memo Props 91 93 96&100
    RC011 (PDF 895 kB) Willow Hetrick Comment from Chugach Regional Resources Commision
    RC012 (PDF 617 kB) Central Peninsula AC Comments
    RC013 (PDF 586 kB) Cooper Landing Safe Trails Committee Suggested Changes Props 149-153
    RC014 (PDF 624 kB) Resident Hunters of Alaska Proposal 204 Opinion
    RC015 (PDF 675 kB) City of Port Lions Resolution 23-02 Deer Bag Limit
    RC016 (PDF 58 kB) Amy O'Conner Prop 203 Support
    RC017 (PDF 596 kB) Bradley Christensen Opposition to trap set backs
    RC018 (PDF 630 kB) Jesse Kelly Note for proposal 203
    RC019 (PDF 1,007 kB) Ira Edwards Proposal 203 clarification
    RC020 (PDF 613 kB) Kathryn Bell Support Proposal 203
    RC021 (PDF 27 kB) Matanuska AC Votes on Proposals
    RC022 (PDF 796 kB) Tanana-Fourty-Mile AC Minutes Support Prop 183
    RC023 (PDF 650 kB) Wayne Heimer Proposal 208&214 Opposition
    RC024 (PDF 156 kB) Dan Montgomery In Support of Proposal 208
    RC025 (PDF 618 kB) Tom Roth Testimony re Sea Ducks
    RC026 (PDF 1,183 kB) ADFG Unit13 NCH IM Feasibility Assessment 2023
    RC027 (PDF 578 kB) Jesse Kelly Note for proposal 203
    RC028 (PDF 1,067 kB) Comments on Proposals 209, 210, and 211 submitted by ADFG Boards Support
    RC029 (PDF 2,050 kB) George Matz BOG Testimony
    RC030 (PDF 606 kB) John Bitney Proposal 203
    RC031 (PDF 688 kB) Anna Deal Oppose Proposal 204
    RC032 (PDF 3,865 kB) Mark Richards Resident Hunter Economic Impacts
    RC033 (PDF 684 kB) Michael Hinkes Proposal 205 presentation
    RC034 (PDF 644 kB) Graham Predeger Proposal 203 support
    RC035 (PDF 1,173 kB) Wayne Woods Proposal 63 Amendment
    RC036 (PDF 643 kB) Jason Stoffer Public Statement Proposal 203
    RC037 (PDF 1,163 kB) Ashely Waligura Proposal 203
    RC038 (PDF 655 kB) Alexander Schwartz Proposal 203
    RC039 (PDF 620 kB) Tracey Porreca Proposal 203
    RC040 (PDF 585 kB) Monika Nicholoson Proposal 203
    RC041 (PDF 724 kB) Paul Forward Comments on Proposals
    RC042 (PDF 651 kB) Paul Forward Proposal 82
    RC043 (PDF 1,130 kB) Mike Harris Supplemental info on Proposal 57
    RC044 (PDF 654 kB) Mike Harris Ammendment Proposal 204
    RC045 (PDF 625 kB) Mike Harris Rebuttal to PC149 and RC010
    RC046 (PDF 658 kB) Mike Harris Opinion on Proposal 163-170
    RC047 (PDF 655 kB) Mike Harris Testimony and experience running dogs during trapping season
    RC048 (PDF 609 kB) Mike Harris Proposers thoughts on Amending Proposal 57
    RC049 (PDF 615 kB) Kenai-Soldotna AC Proposal 204 Corrected Vote Count
    RC050 (PDF 612 kB) Kenai-Soldotna AC Corrected Vote Count on Proposal 209
    RC051 (PDF 653 kB) Karen Gordon Board Generated Proposal Comment
    RC052 (PDF 693 kB) RHAK Proposal 77 Info
    RC053 (PDF 771 kB) ADFG Proposal 84
    RC054 (PDF 2,318 kB) Mark Richards Proposal 78
    RC055 (PDF 1,611 kB) RHAK Proposal 204
    RC056 (PDF 626 kB) ADFG Proposal 209 Elk Draw Applications
    RC057 (PDF 626 kB) ADFG Proposal 209 Elk Draw Applications
    RC058 (PDF 678 kB) Aaron Bloomquist Public Testimony
    RC059 (PDF 610 kB) Chuck Weed Porposal 203 Support
    RC060 (PDF 675 kB) Nikolai Edzeno’ Tribal Council Testimony
    RC061 (PDF 932 kB) On-Time Comment Matrix
    RC062 (PDF 682 kB) David Hilty Elk Hunting
    RC063 (PDF 645 kB) Middle Nenana River AC meeting minutes 12-20-22 (Title Corrected)
    RC064 (PDF 648 kB) Paul Forward Proposal 82 Info
    RC065 (PDF 640 kB) Dan Montgomery Proposal 208 New Language
    RC066 (PDF 676 kB) Bryan Burkhardt Proposal 73
    RC067 (PDF 582 kB) Bob Bourland Non-Resident Deer Limit
    RC068 (PDF 624 kB) Jim Eeckhout Proposal 73
    RC069 (PDF 596 kB) Scott Breitsprecher Reconsider 73
    RC070 (PDF 610 kB) Jordan Alvis Proposal 73
    RC071 (PDF 605 kB) Zachary Larsen Compromise on Proposal 73
    RC072 (PDF 594 kB) Mike Harris Clarify Proposal 57
    RC073 (PDF 600 kB) Ben Pinney Non-Resident bag limit
    RC074 (PDF 624 kB) Joe McKenzie Reconsider proposal 73
    RC075 (PDF 841 kB) Nancy Hillstrand Map 15C Kacheman Bay East of line from Point Pogibshi to Anchor Point for Sea Duck Proposals
    RC076 (PDF 640 kB) Paul Forward Proposal111-113 Additional Response
    RC077 (PDF 641 kB) Paul Forward Proposal 82 Response to board
    RC078 (PDF 953 kB) Chris Perry Corrections to Personal Testimony
    RC079 (PDF 647 kB) Dan Montgomery Proposal 208 New Language
    RC080 (PDF 673 kB) Logan Kurtz Reconsideration Proposal 73
    RC081 (PDF 1,009 kB) Ahtna Intertribal Resource Commission GMU 13 Caribou Moratorium
    RC082 (PDF 596 kB) Landon Albertson Reconsideration of Proposal 73
    RC083 (PDF 615 kB) Nicholas Bassen Proposal 73 Reconsideration
    RC084 (PDF 592 kB)  Brenden Schauf Proposal 73 Reconsideration
    RC085 (PDF 10,560 kB) Kathy Sarns Irwin Proposal 147
    RC086 (PDF 614 kB) Paul Forward Proposal 82 Additional Comments
    RC087 (PDF 637 kB) Rod Schuh Board Petition
    RC088 (PDF 969 kB) Andy Erickson Ahtna Inc. ADFG Subsistence Overview
    RC089 (PDF 143 kB) ADFG Caribou Herd Information Requested By Member Barrette
    RC090 (PDF 746 kB) Kathy Sarns Irwin reconsideration 147
    RC091 (PDF 667 kB) Boards Support misc business SC 2023
    RC092 (PDF 646 kB) ADFG Draft Findings
    RC093 (PDF 784 kB) Public Testimony List

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