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Statewide Regulations – March 4-12, 2022

On-time comments due: 2/18/2022
Location: Fairbanks Pike's Waterfront Lodge

Meeting Summary (PDF 249 kB)

Meeting Documents

On-Time Advisory Committee Comments

On-Time Public Comments

  • On-Time Public Comments (All) (PDF 12,332 kB)

    RC5: Department Reports & Recommendations

    ADF&G Comments on Proposals

    More information will be posted here as it becomes available.


    Statewide Regulations (All Proposals) View PDF of all proposals for Statewide Regulations (All Proposals) | Hide Category Statewide Regulations (All Proposals)

    Proposed Changes Outside of the Board of Game's Authority (PDF 96 kB)

    Additional Information Submitted with Proposals

    Record Copies (RCs) — Documents submitted during the meeting

    Record Copy (RC) # Description
    RC006 (PDF 678 kB) Central Bering Sea AC Minutes
    RC007 (PDF 767 kB) Nushagak AC Minutes 2.3.2022
    RC008 (PDF 429 kB) ADFG Update on intensive management for moose and caribou
    RC009 (PDF 33 kB) Best Friends Animal Society Proposal 167
    RC010 (PDF 81 kB) Thomas Kirstein Proposals 137 151 241
    RC011 (PDF 83 kB) Andrew Ault Proposal 129
    RC012 (PDF 77 kB) Phillip Latteier Proposals 151 241 267
    RC013 (PDF 261 kB) Gates of the Arctic National Park Subsistence Resource Commission Proposals 172 & 173
    RC014 (PDF 68 kB) Lynn Keogh - Stakeholder Meeting on Proposal 199, 2.14.2022
    RC015 (PDF 925 kB) Resident Hunters of Alaska (RHAK) Public Comment Presentation on Proposal 267
    RC016 (PDF 356 kB) Mark Richards Personal Testimony presentation
    RC017 (PDF 60 kB) Doug Carney Proposal 271
    RC018 (PDF 62 kB) Gloria Stickwan Proposal 247
    RC019 (PDF 671 kB) Chugach Regional Resources Commission (CRRC) Proposals 249, 251, & 252
    RC020 (PDF 846 kB) Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Subsistence Regional Advisory Council - Multchatna Caribou Herd
    RC021 (PDF 621 kB) David Lorring Proposals 135-139
    RC022 (PDF 30 kB) Pamela Smash comments
    RC023 (PDF 52 kB) Dan Dunaway Proposals 150 &153
    RC024 (PDF 168 kB) Resident Hunters of Alaska (RHAK) Oral Written Testimony for RC015
    RC025 (PDF 1,099 kB) Mike Harris Proposal 232 Public Testimony Presentation
    RC026 (PDF 189 kB) 2015 Proposal 207 Submitted by Dan Montgomery
    RC027 (PDF 99 kB) Board of Game Findings 2016-213-BOG submitted by Dan Montgomery
    RC028 (PDF 667 kB) Jeffrey Callison Comments on Proposals
    RC029 (PDF 83 kB) Daniel Montgomery Corrected On-Time Public Comment
    RC030 (PDF 41 kB) Dan Montgomery New Language for Proposal 139
    RC031 (PDF 248 kB) Arizona Airgun Hunting Laws & Regulations Submitted by ADFG DWC
    RC032 (PDF 608 kB) Mark Moglich Proposal 113
    RC033 (PDF 131 kB) Karen Gordon Sheep Harvest Data GMU 19 Sheep
    RC034 (PDF 72 kB) On-Time Public Comments PC153 Submitted by Benjamin Rich
    RC035 (PDF 240 kB) McGrath AC Minutes 12.10.21
    RC036 (PDF 89 kB) Benjamin Rich Comments on Proposals
    RC037 (PDF 57 kB) Alaska Falconers Association Proposal 109
    RC038 (PDF 34 kB) Amended language for Proposal 271 Submitted by ADF&G DWC
    RC039 (PDF 670 kB) Virgil Umphenour Submission Koyukuk River Moose Management Plan 2000-2005 comment for Proposals 151, 168 & 241
    RC040 (PDF 555 kB) ACPC On-Time Comment Matrix
    RC041 (PDF 43 kB) North Slope AC Minutes 3.7.2022
    RC042 (PDF 37 kB) Mojo’s Hope Alaska's KAAATs Proposal 144
    RC043 (PDF 26 kB) Amended language for Proposal 127 submitted by ADF&G DWC
    RC044 (PDF 84 kB) Resident Hunters of Alaska (RHAK) Comments on Proposal 267
    RC045 (PDF 37 kB) Dale Hall Falconry Proposals 108-114
    RC046 (PDF 10 kB) Diane & Lenny Jewkes Comments on Proposals 151, 241 & 267
    RC047 (PDF 156 kB) Resident Hunters of Alaska (RHAK) Comments on Proposal 267
    RC048 (PDF 30 kB) Scott Collins Comments on Proposal 267
    RC049 (PDF 599 kB) F.H. Minshall Comments on Proposal 144
    RC050 (PDF 533 kB) Table Regarding Proposal 151 & 241 Submitted by ADFG DWC
    RC051 (PDF 1,000 kB) Joel Knutson Presentation Slide Falconry
    RC052 (PDF 54 kB) ADF&G Amended language for Proposal 242
    RC053 (PDF 616 kB) Reconsideration of Proposal 232 submitted by Mike Harris
    RC054 (PDF 1,000 kB) ADFG Division of Subsistence, Subsistence in Alaska A Year 2017 Update
    RC055 (PDF 128 kB) ADFG Division of Subsistence Proposal 22
    RC056 (PDF 47 kB) Amended Language for Proposal 199 Submitted by ADFG DWC
    RC057 (PDF 160 kB) USF&WSKNR Prop 266
    RC058 (PDF 67 kB) Amended Language for Proposal 172 Submitted by ADFG DCW
    RC059 (PDF 94 kB) Miscellaneous Business Agenda
    RC060 (PDF 189 kB) Public Testimony List

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