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Southeast Region – January 9-13, 2015

Comment Deadline: December 26, 2014 ACR Deadline: November 10, 2014

Location: Juneau – Baranof Hotel

Preliminary Actions Taken:

Meeting Documents:

RC 2 - ADF&G Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC003 (PDF 4,410 kB) On Time Advisory Committee Comments
RC004 (PDF 2,795 kB) On Time Public Comments
RC005 (PDF 153 kB) on time comment matrix
RC006 (PDF 35 kB) Al Barrette Proposal 201
RC007 (PDF 46 kB) Icy Straits AC Minutes
RC008 (PDF 24 kB) David Beebe Proposal 13 14
RC009 (PDF 26 kB) Gloria Kersey
RC010 (PDF 35 kB) DPS Memo Proposal 201
RC011 (PDF 68 kB) 6D Black Bear Bag Limit Change ACR and ADFG Comment
RC012 (PDF 67 kB) 6D Black Bear Registration Hunt ACR and ADFG Comment
RC013 (PDF 66 kB) 6D Black Bear Season Change ACR and ADFG Comment
RC014 (PDF 245 kB) 6B Controlled Use Area ACR and ADFG Comment
RC015 (PDF 216 kB) George Campbell comment proposal 21
RC016 (PDF 300 kB) Larry Edwards Critique of ADFG Report
RC017 (PDF 97 kB) Southeast Regional Advisory Council Comments
RC018 (PDF 34 kB) Email Correspondence sub by Larry Edwards
RC019 (PDF 60 kB) Brad Dennison Comment Prop 11 and 31
RC020 (PDF 365 kB) Customary and Traditional Deer GMU 1-5
RC021 (PDF 15 kB) Alaska Professional Hunters Assoc Proposed Amended Language Prop 32
RC022 (PDF 28 kB) Upper Lynn Canal AC Comments Proposals 19 20
RC023 (PDF 1,012 kB) Larry Edwards Presentation
RC024 (PDF 284 kB) GMU 1A Deer
RC025 (PDF 231 kB) GMU 5A Deer
RC026 (PDF 275 kB) ACRs Southcentral Meeting
RC027 (PDF 9 kB) Yakutat AC Amendment Proposal 22
RC028 (PDF 34 kB) ADFG Additional Information Proposal 11
RC029 (PDF 17 kB) Amended On Time Comment Matrix
RC030 (PDF 27 kB) Public Testimony Log
RC031 (PDF 14 kB) Upper Tanana Fortymile AC Comment Proposal 201
RC032 (PDF 51 kB) Amended Language Proposal 18
RC033 (PDF 56 kB) Amended Language Proposal 19
RC034 (PDF 1,013 kB) Amended Proposal 18 Maps
RC035 (PDF 77 kB) ACR Guide Client Agreement
RC036 (PDF 38 kB) BOG Finding Nonresident Raptor Take
RC037 (PDF 12 kB) BOG Finding 1D Youth Goat Registration Hunt
RC038 (PDF 12 kB) Amended Language Proposal 201
RC039 (PDF 13 kB) Miscellaneous Business Agenda
RC040 (PDF 46 kB) Record Copy Log

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