Gene Conservation Laboratory
SNP Workshops

2005 SNP Workshop

Developing Cooperative Databases for Pacific Salmon
Hosted By: American Fisheries Society, Genetics Section
Anchorage Hilton Hotel
Anchorage, Alaska
April 28-29, 2005

Thursday, April 28 (Fireweed Room)
08:00 Coffee (fresh fruit and breakfast breads) and pick up registration packet
09:00 Jim Seeb, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Introduction to workshop: why SNPs for coastwide databases?
09:30 Gordon Luikart, Universite Joseph Fourier 
SNPs (in relation to other markers) in domestic and wild sheep and goats
10:10 Per Palsboll, University California Berkeley
More is not always better: Comparing statistical power in assessing genetic  heterogeneity with bi- and multi-allelic genetic markers
10:50 Break
11:10 Tony Dodge, Applied Biosystems Incorporated
Optimizing TaqMan Genotyping
11:50 John Goldsmith, Applied Biosystems Incorporated
SNPlex Genotyping on Capillary Sequencers.
12:30 Lunch (Aleutian Room)
13:30 Lisa Seeb, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Overview of DNA standardization for Pacific Salmon Commission studies
13:50 Christian Smith, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
SNP discovery in Pacific salmon: ascertainment bias is our friend
14:10 Syuiti Abe, Hokkaido University
Mitochondrial DNA SNPs detected in the Pacific Rim populations of chum salmon
14:40 Shogo Moriya, Nisshinbo Industries
DNA microarray for rapid detection of mitochondrial DNA SNPs in chum salmon
15:10 Break
15:30 Laboratory Overviews (about 15 minutes each)
         Tim King, USGS Leetown Science Center 
         Kate BucklinRenee Bellinger, Greg Moyer, Isabelle Meusnier,Hatfield Marine Station 
         James RydderchPiper Schwenke, and Anna Elz, Northwest Fisheries Science Center 
         Sewell Young, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
         Chris HabichtBill Templin, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
         Molly Stephens, Dept. Animal Science UC Davis
18:00 Reception (Chart Room)
Firday, April 29 (Firewood Room)
08:00 Coffee, Pastries, and announcements
08:30 Linda Park, Northwest Fisheries Science Center 
Fifteen-year history of SNP development and applications at NOAA Fisheries
09:00 Christian Smith, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Introduction to Breakout Groups
10:00 Tentative breakout groups (Fireweed, Cook Inlet, & Prince William Rooms; ADF&G laboratory & Denaina Conference Room)

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Chinook salmon nuclear SNP ADF&G|Ots_P450

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