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Southeast and Yakutat Finfish (including salmon, herring, groundfish) – February 23–March 3, 2015

Comment Deadline: February 9, 2015

Location: Sitka – Harrigan Centennial Hall

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

CFEC Report:

Department Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 553 kB) Selected Southeastern Alaska Yakutat Areas Finfish Regulations
RC005 (PDF 85 kB) Jeff Farvour Proposal 223
RC006 (PDF 357 kB) Boards Support Section Proposal 176
RC007 (PDF 200 kB) Andrew Martin Proposal 121
RC008 (PDF 23 kB) Bruce Alexander Proposal 209
RC009 (PDF 28 kB) Situk River Fly Shop
RC010 (PDF 416 kB) Perry Kohne
RC011 (PDF 22 kB) City and Borough of Yakutat Proposal 220
RC012 (PDF 23 kB) Sam L Demmert Proposal 164
RC013 (PDF 110 kB) Roland Maw
RC013B (PDF 716 kB) Kluberton Vessel Length
RC014 (PDF 336 kB) Craig AC Minutes Jan 29 2015
RC015 (PDF 43 kB) Sitka Conservation Society Prop 121
RC016 (PDF 58 kB) Sitka Conservation Society Prop 114
RC017 (PDF 148 kB) ANB Grand Camp Comments
RC018 (PDF 171 kB) Ryan Cook Prop 191
RC019 (PDF 819 kB) USAG Prop 229
RC020 (PDF 3,223 kB) John Murray Comments Salmon Herring Ling Cod
RC021 (PDF 1,001 kB) Mark Roberts Prop 220
RC022 (PDF 114 kB) ATA Prop 224
RC023 (PDF 28 kB) PVOA Comments
RC024 (PDF 91 kB) Eric Jordan Presentation
RC025 (PDF 904 kB) Patricia Phillips Prop 193 197
RC026 (PDF 593 kB) ATA Prop 208 Amendment
RC027 (PDF 331 kB) ADFG Boards Support PC047 Correction
RC028 (PDF 2,004 kB) Heather Meuret-Woody Herring
RC029 (PDF 406 kB) Sitka Tribe Comments
RC030 (PDF 690 kB) Dennis Thacker Prop 204 and 205
RC031 (PDF 43 kB) Mark Grant Monofilament Nets
RC032 (PDF 89 kB) Sealaska Comments
RC033 (PDF 59 kB) James Moore Prop 175
RC034 (PDF 160 kB) South SE AK Subsistence RAC Comments
RC035 (PDF 153 kB) Chum Trollers Assc Prop 176
RC036 (PDF 44 kB) Carl Peterson Prop 176
RC037 (PDF 81 kB) Al Wilson Prop 122
RC038 (PDF 278 kB) Linda Behnken Chatham Sablefish
RC039 (PDF 58 kB) Ken McGee Prop 174
RC040 (PDF 55 kB) Harriet Beleal Subsistence
RC041 (PDF 10 kB) Donald Churchill Withdraw Prop 175
RC042 (PDF 61 kB) Ah Ka Shoak Subsistence Tradition
RC043 (PDF 678 kB) Member Johnson Hoonah Roe on Kelp Photos
RC044 (PDF 29 kB) Jim Bodding Prop 123
RC045 (PDF 205 kB) John Murray Sitka AC Info
RC046 (PDF 360 kB) Various Herring
RC047 (PDF 348 kB) Various Herring
RC048 (PDF 41 kB) Various Herring
RC049 (PDF 345 kB) Various Herring
RC050 (PDF 84 kB) John Engle Prop 131-134
RC051 (PDF 36 kB) Wayne Sanger Comments
RC052 (PDF 39 kB) Linda Behnken AK Longline Fishermens Assc
RC053 (PDF 35 kB) Scott McAllister Prop 202
RC054 (PDF 30 kB) PVOA Prop 202
RC055 (PDF 194 kB) NSRAA Allocation Chatham
RC056 (PDF 148 kB) SE Herring Conservation Comments
RC057 (PDF 57 kB) SE Herring Cons Comments
RC058 (PDF 212 kB) SE Herring Cons Comments
RC059 (PDF 123 kB) Kodiak AC Minutes Feb 4 2015
RC060 (PDF 143 kB) Jessica Gill Herring
RC061 (PDF 89 kB) OSM Federal Subsistence Map
RC062 (PDF 67 kB) Susan Doherty Presentation
RC063 (PDF 433 kB) ADFG Genetic Analysis Salmon
RC064 (PDF 126 kB) Larry McQuarrie Prop 158
RC065 (PDF 112 kB) UFA Prop 199 200
RC066 (PDF 153 kB) Matt Donohoe Prop 229 Map
RC067 (PDF 97 kB) Jessica Gill Herring Roe By Area
RC068 (PDF 145 kB) Tad Fujioka Testimony 94-148FB
RC069 (PDF 114 kB) ADFG Public Testimony List
RC070 (PDF 16 kB) USAG Withdraw Prop 230
RC071 (PDF 69 kB) Matt Donohoe Prop 229 Amend
RC072 (PDF 44 kB) Dennis Thacker Prop 204-5
RC073 (PDF 603 kB) Connor & Johansen Prop 131-4
RC074 (PDF 22 kB) McQuarrie Westlund Withdraw Prop 144
RC075 (PDF 130 kB) PVOA Prop 127 134
RC076 (PDF 26 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 146
RC077 (PDF 35 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 139
RC078 (PDF 32 kB) Member Jeffrey Aircraft Prohibitions
RC079 (PDF 384 kB) James Moore Prop 176
RC080 (PDF 16 kB) John Johanson Prop 131-4
RC081 (PDF 171 kB) Jeff Farvour Longline Trap Gear
RC082 (PDF 13 kB) Craig AC Withdraw Prop 149
RC083 (PDF 26 kB) John Carle Prop 129
RC084 (PDF 37 kB) Larry Demmert Substitute Language Prop 127
RC085 (PDF 50 kB) Bill Connor Prop 134
RC086 (PDF 67 kB) USAG Prop 175-6
RC087 (PDF 80 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 127
RC088 (PDF 591 kB) Larry McQuarrie Prop 158
RC089 (PDF 17 kB) Craig AC Prop 152 Amend
RC091 (PDF 18 kB) Linda Behnken Prop 136-7
RC092 (PDF 508 kB) Steve Merritt Prop 208
RC093 (PDF 32 kB) Robert Briscoe Prop 276
RC094 (PDF 1,156 kB) ADFG Prop 140
RC095 (PDF 729 kB) Larry McQuarrie Don Westlund Prop 140
RC096 (PDF 401 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 128
RC097 (PDF 491 kB) Kootznoowoo Prop 193 199 200
RC098 (PDF 986 kB) Richard Curran Prop 131
RC099 (PDF 90 kB) NSRAA Kunalku
RC100 (PDF 142 kB) Ryan Kapp Prop 126
RC101 (PDF 198 kB) Bruce Wallace Prop 202 276
RC102 (PDF 195 kB) SEAFA Prop 176
RC103 (PDF 16 kB) Yakutat AC Withdraw Prop 213
RC104 (PDF 27 kB) Substitute Language Prop 129
RC105 (PDF 33 kB) Patricia Phillips Prop 159-160
RC106 (PDF 33 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 183
RC108 (PDF 56 kB) NSRAA Allocation
RC109 (PDF 237 kB) NSRAA Allocation Board Minutes
RC110 (PDF 391 kB) John Murray Prop 223
RC111 (PDF 200 kB) CTA Seine Opportunity
RC112 (PDF 2,018 kB) CTA Gill Opportunity
RC113 (PDF 1,040 kB) Kootznoowoo Substitute Language N SE Mgmt Plan
RC114 (PDF 452 kB) Tad Fujioka Prop 176 Net Alternatives
RC115 (PDF 2,094 kB) James Moore Prop 176
RC116 (PDF 1,304 kB) Jeff McKean Prop 176
RC117 (PDF 408 kB) ADFG for Member Kluberton Draft RC97
RC118 (PDF 882 kB) Seth Charlton Prop 233
RC119 (PDF 493 kB) Jay Eric Shellfish
RC120 (PDF 466 kB) PVOA Prop 188 191 203-4
RC121 (PDF 915 kB) Dave Richey Honeyholes
RC122 (PDF 675 kB) Tad Fujioka Cost Recovery
RC123 (PDF 279 kB) ADFG Map for RC97 119
RC124 (PDF 581 kB) CTA Prop 176 Correspondence
RC125 (PDF 474 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 183 Update RC106
RC126 (PDF 959 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 186
RC127 (PDF 257 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 205
RC128 (PDF 358 kB) ADFG Board Generated Proposal A
RC129 (PDF 190 kB) USAG Withdraw Prop 209
RC130 (PDF 439 kB) Jim Moore Prop 208
RC131 (PDF 315 kB) Kathy Hansen Prop 210
RC132 (PDF 195 kB) John Murray Prop 223
RC133 (PDF 370 kB) USAG Oppose 208
RC134 (PDF 148 kB) Boards Support Seine Length Info
RC135 (PDF 11 kB) Angoon Community Assc Prop 199
RC136 (PDF 29 kB) Scott McAllister Prop 202
RC137 (PDF 2,352 kB) Joel Kawahara Prop 223
RC138 (PDF 605 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 207
RC139 (PDF 582 kB) ATA Prop 224
RC140 (PDF 928 kB) John Murray Prop 223
RC141 (PDF 28 kB) Boards Support Emergency Regs
RC142 (PDF 1,003 kB) Boards Support CFEC
RC143 (PDF 385 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 225
RC144 (PDF 76 kB) Boards Support Miscellaneous Agenda
RC145 (PDF 359 kB) ATA & CTA Prop 225

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