Last modified on Jan 21, 2021

Reproduce this analysis!

The project data was collected using a custom web application and the data is stored in an Oracle database. The analysis was performed using the free statistical software R external site link. We have saved the data, metadata describing what the data is, and script file here (below) so you can reproduce this analysis and ask questions of your own!

Data, metadata, and R script

Here is the study data ( 4,025 kB). The meaning of each column of data is described in the following meta-data file ChinookScaleAgeData.INFO.txt ( 5 kB). The analysis for this study is in this ChinookScaleAgeData.R ( 84 kB) script (a working-draft version as of August 25, 2020. Stay posted for a cleaner version!). Supporting data by fish and for repeated scales needed for analysis are in these files: and SK.Scale.Age.Study.repeats.csv ( 8 kB) (metadata for these supporting files to come!).