Subtidal Farm Site Harvest Requirements

CFEC Aquatic Farm Permit

A Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) Aquatic Farm Interim-Use Permit is required to harvest an insignificant population of wild stock geoducks from an aquatic farm site in Alaska. One CFEC permit is required for each individual farm site and will only be issued to the aquatic farm operation permit holder for their specific aquatic farm site. The CFEC will only issue a permit for the species approved for culture on the operation permit for that farm site. The CFEC will send a permit holder an Aquatic Farm Interim-Use Card to use for reporting harvest to ADF&G using a Miscellaneous Shellfish ticket.

To apply for a CFEC Aquatic Farm Interim-Use Permit, complete a CFEC Aquatic Farm Interim-Use Permit Application and submit the application with a $75 processing fee to Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission. You must renew this permit annually. The CFEC Aquatic Farm Permit Application (PDF) is available online.

For more information contact the CFEC by phone: (907) 789-6150 Fax: (907) 789-6170 or online at