Subtidal Farm Site Harvest Requirements
Notification of Harvest

Notification of Harvest

An aquatic farm operation permit holder must contact the ADF&G Aquatic Farming Coordinator at (907) 465-6150 at least 24 hours before the landing of the harvest of wild stock geoducks harvested from the permit holder’s aquatic farm site, during business hours between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

The notification must include:

  • An estimate of the number of pounds of wild stock will be landed (in numbers and in pounds)
  • where the landing will take place
  • the date and time of landing.

Notification of Hatchery-Produced and Wild Stock Harvest

If the permit holder intends to harvest and land hatchery-produced geoducks and geoduck wild stock from an aquatic farm site, the permit holder must notify the department.

The department must inspect the geoducks before geoducks are shipped off to market to determine if sampling is needed. If sampling is needed, the harvested geoducks will be sampled bases on two size classes determined by the department.