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Chitina Personal Use Salmon Fishery

Download an informational brochure about the Chitina Personal Use Dipnet Fishery. (PDF 3,835 kB)

The Copper River is divided into two subdistricts for management purposes.  

The Chitina Subdistrict is classified as a personal use fishery, and dipnets are the only allowable gear.

The Glennallen Subdistrict is classified as a subsistence fishery, and either fishwheels or dipnets are allowable gear.

Users may participate in ONLY ONE of these two fisheries in any given year.

The Chitina Subdistrict personal use fishery is restricted solely to the waters of the mainstem Copper River between the downstream edge of the Chitina-McCarthy Bridge and Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulatory markers located on an east-west line crossing the Copper River about 200 yards upstream of Haley Creek (in Wood Canyon). All tributaries of the Copper River in this area, including the Chitina River, are CLOSED to personal use fishing.

The Glennallen Subdistrict subsistence fishery is restricted to all waters of the mainstem Copper River from the mouth of the Slana River downstream to the downstream edge of the Chitina-McCarthy Bridge. All tributaries of the Copper River, including the Chitina River, are CLOSED to subsistence fishing.

Under the Copper River Personal Use Dip Net Salmon Fishery Management Plan, salmon may be taken in the Chitina Subdistrict from June 7 until September 30 only during periods established by Emergency Order.  Emergency orders are issued during the season to adjust this schedule based on escapement estimates at the Miles Lake sonar.  Information regarding fishery openings will be updated and posted here if changes are made by emergency order.

In weeks when a harvestable surplus of 50,000 salmon or greater will be available in the Chitina Subdistrict, a supplemental harvest period will be announced.  A supplemental harvest period allows permit holders who have filled their original limit to take 10 additional sockeye salmon.

Glennallen Subdistrict (Subsistence)

Under the Copper River Subsistence Salmon Fisheries Management Plans (5 AAC 01.647), the Glennallen Subdistrict Subsistence Salmon Fishery is open continuously from June 1 through September 30.

Click on the Miles Lake Sonar link for Copper River salmon escapement numbers.

Notices and Reminders

  • Not all private land is posted. Please respect the rights of private landowners.
  • The road from O'Brien Creek to Haley Creek is CLOSED at Milepost 3.7.  DOT has no plans to repair the road beyond this point.
  • Remember: Littering carries a fine of $1,000.  YOU are responsible for putting your garbage in the litter barrels and dumpsters or hauling it out.
  • The contractor in charge of hauling out garbage is responsible only for emptying garbage cans and the dumpster -- they are not contracted to pick up litter!
  • Recorded hotlines for Chitina dipnetting information:
    • Fairbanks: 907-459-7382
    • Glennallen: 907-822-5224.
    • Anchorage: 907 267 2511