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Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program

Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
and Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Migratory Bird Hunters "Get HIP"

If you hunt ducks, geese, brant, swans, coots, gallinules, woodcock, rails, snipe, sandhill cranes, doves or band-tailed pigeons in the United States, you are required to participate in the Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program ("HIP" ).

What is HIP?

HIP is a method by which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), and other state agencies are developing more reliable estimates of the number of migratory birds harvested throughout the country. These estimates will give biologists the information they need to make sound decisions concerning hunting seasons, bag limits, and population management.

How does HIP work?

HIP is based on a voluntary survey of selected migratory bird hunters in the United States. In simplest terms, the Service randomly selects a sample of hunters and asks them to provide information on the kind and number of migratory birds they harvest during the hunting season. This information is then used to develop reliable estimates of the total harvest of all migratory birds in each state and throughout the country.

What does HIP require of hunters?

Enrollment – Who are the migratory bird hunters? To comply with HIP, all migratory bird hunters must identify themselves by providing their name, address, and date of birth at the time you purchase your hunting license and Alaska State Duck Stamp – something most hunters do already. At stores and other license outlets hunters are asked to fill out a HIP form. The license vendor keeps the forms and sends them in for processing. In the near future, Alaska hunters will be able to buy a duck stamp with and enroll in HIP by calling a toll-free telephone number or on the internet (credit card purchase). Electronic enrollment numbers may be issued to allow hunting immediately. License fees have not changed as a result of HIP.

Some hunters are exempt from state stamp and HIP enrollment requirements:

  1. hunters who hunt only snipe or sandhill cranes;
  2. hunters under age 16 or over age 59;
  3. hunters that qualify for low-income or disabled veteran licenses. Those hunters can voluntarily enroll in HIP.

Proof of enrollment in the field. You must have proof of your participation in HIP with you whenever you hunt migratory birds. In Alaska, this will be either your State Duck Stamp or a unique electronic registration number. You will not have to carry any special forms or permits for HIP enrollment.

If you would like more information please contact ADFG at 1-800-478-7468 or
(907) 267-2206.