Waterfowl Hunting in Alaska

Painting of emperor geese

Emperor Goose Hunting

Emperor goose hunting is open to Alaska residents in the 2017-18 fall-winter season by registration permit. Many years of conservation efforts have helped emperor geese recover from a low population size to allow the first hunt in over 30 years. However, the population is still vulnerable to overharvest; therefore, federal regulations allow the State of Alaska an annual harvest quota of 1000 emperor geese. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) and the Board of Game established 7 hunt areas across the range of emperor geese each with an individual quota that together add to 1000 birds. A hunt area will be closed by Emergency Order when the area quota is met. Thus, it is important that successful hunters follow the reporting requirement of the registration permits and report their harvest of an emperor goose during the required time period to minimize overharvest and possible hunt closures the following year. If you are interested in hunting emperor geese, please see the information below for details of obtaining a registration permit, season dates, hunt conditions, and reporting requirements.

Features of the Emperor Goose Hunts

  • This hunt is open by registration permit to ALASKA RESIDENTS with a current hunting license (see 2017-2018 migratory bird regulations, available August 1, for license exemptions and stamp requirements)
  • Registration permits will be available on-request online, at ADF&G offices, and at licensed vendors in rural coastal villages where emperor geese are hunted
  • A permit allows the harvest and possession of ONE emperor goose per hunter per season
  • There are 7 established hunt areas across the range of emperor geese; each with a registration permit unique to the area and an individual quota (see table below)
  • A hunter may register for ONE permit in a single hunt area or ONE permit in each of multiple hunt areas; however, the harvest and possession of only ONE emperor goose per hunter per season is allowed regardless of the number of permits held
  • Successful hunters MUST REPORT their harvest by phone 1-800-478-7468 or online ; within 24 hours or 72 hours depending on the hunt area (see table below)
  • Hunt areas will be closed by Emergency Order when area harvest quotas are met
  • Please read the hunt conditions on registration permits carefully; hunt areas may have different season dates, reporting requirements, or restrictions
Hunt area
(click permit number
for hunt area map
Permit number Season dates Hunt quota Report period
1 Unit 8 WU501 (PDF 322 kB) Oct 8 – Jan 22 175 birds 24 hours
2Unit 10 WU502 (PDF 194 kB) Oct 8 – Jan 22 175 birds 72 hours
3Izembek State Game Refuge WU503 (PDF 244 kB) Oct 16 – Oct 31 125 birds 24 hours
4Unit 9/17 and Unimak Island in Unit 10 WU504 (PDF 445 kB) Sept 1 – Dec 16 150 birds 72 hours
 Unit 18 WU505 (PDF 298 kB) Sept 1 – Dec 16 125 birds 72 hours
 Unit 22 WU506 (PDF 355 kB) Sept 1 – Dec 16 125 birds 72 hours
 Unit 23 WU507 (PDF 523 kB) Sept 1 – Dec 16 125 birds 72 hours

1Kodiak Road System is closed to emperor goose hunting
2Excludes Unimak Island
3In Unit 9
4Excludes Izembek State Game Refuge