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The Western Alaska Salmon Stock Identification Program (WASSIP)
Technical Documents

Technical Documents

  1. WASSIP Technical Committee Review - 09/2008 (PDF 91 kB)
  2. Investigation of temporal variation in sockeye and chum salmon baselines (PDF 486 kB)
  3. Estimating small proportions (PDF 143 kB)
  4. Status of the SNP baseline for chum salmon - 08/2009 (PDF 860 kB)
  5. Status of the SNP baseline for sockeye salmon - 09/2009 (PDF 1,324 kB)
  6. Selection of the 96 SNP marker set for sockeye salmon (PDF 3,153 kB)
  7. Regional Allocation Model (PDF 515 kB)
  8. Chum salmon SNP selection process outline (PDF 1,089 kB)
  9. Chum salmon SNP discovery – First method (PDF 498 kB)
  10. Optimal Rate of Correct Assignment with backward elimination locus selection (PDF 227 kB)
  11. Defining Reporting Groups (PDF 1,305 kB)
  12. Tests of Togiak and Goodnews reporting groups for sockeye salmon (PDF 430 kB)
  13. Selection of a Prior for Mixed Stock Analysis (PDF 948 kB)
  14. Sockeye salmon baseline based upon 96 SNPs (PDF 1,488 kB)
  15. Chum salmon reporting group evaluations using simulated fishery mixtures (PDF 160 kB)
  16. Examining prior sensitivity using the chum salmon baseline (PDF 427 kB)
  17. Chum Reporting Groups Exploratory Methods (PDF 1,343 kB)
  18. Estimating escapement of Western Alaskan sockeye salmon for WASSIP reporting groups, 2006 to 2008 (PDF 146 kB)

More Technical Documents