Teller Highway
Mile 58–71 Bluestone River to Teller

Habitat: Tundra meadow, side slope, and dwarf tundra

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Overlooking Teller and Port Clarence

High rolling tundra meadows and large flat-topped knobs extend for the next 10 miles with an occasional glimpse of the north face of the Kigluaik Mountains in the distance. In some years, salmonberries are abundant across these high tundra meadows. In August you are likely to see whole families picking bucketfuls of the red and peach-colored fruit here. As the road begins the descent into Grantley Harbor, enjoy the sweeping views of Teller and the Teller sand spit. The neighboring village of Brevig Mission lies across the bay on the north shore of Port Clarence.

Notable Wildlife on Upland Meadows

  • Muskoxen are often seen on these high rolling meadows
  • Reindeer, owned by a Teller herder, graze in the area.
  • Common raven and glaucous gull feed on ripe salmonberries in late summer.
  • Wilson’s snipe aerial displays create distinctive winnowing sounds above the tundra.
  • American golden plover, snow bunting, northern wheatear, and horned lark are found on rocky domes rising above the meadows.

Note: At mile 71 just before the road reaches the beach, a side road heads east into a housing complex built for Teller’s growing population. Please respect people’s privacy and remain on the main road unless you have an invitation to visit. Similarly, in Teller, please remain on the main roads and ask permission before taking photographs.