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Kougarok Road
Mile 86 Kougarok River Bridge

Habitat: River valley, tundra meadow

caption follows
Canada goose nest on river bluff

The original bridge built to accommodate the road from Bunker Hill to Taylor in the early 1900s is as far as you can go by automobile. From here, a rough, unmarked and sometimes impassable 4-wheeler road leads to Taylor where several family-run mines still operate.

Notable Wildlife

  • Canada goose frequent the river nearby tundra habitat.
  • White-fronted goose sometimes is found on small ponds in this area.
  • Bristle-thighed curlew are nest on the distant broad hills to the northwest.
  • Cliff swallow typically nest under the bridge.
  • Common raven build stick nests under the bridge, which are used by gyrfalcon some years.
  • Bluethroat can be found on shrubby river banks
  • Arctic grayling are the most likely fish to be seen from the bridge.

Enjoy the return trip. All new views and continued opportunities to see wildlife make the return trip as rewarding as the drive out.

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