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Benefits of Interning with ADF&G

Direct Benefits

  • Paid Internships! Salary range from $14.13 - $26.13 per hour (pay changes slightly by location).
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Overtime eligible (over 40 hrs a week)
  • Eligible for the State of Alaska Retirement Plan

Indirect Benefits

  • ADF&G pays for travel necessary for the position (floatplanes, boats, helicopters, etc…).
  • Room and Board provided by ADF&G in remote locations and field camps.
  • Get the chance to see many remote and beautiful places in Alaska while getting hands on experience.

School & Career Benefits

  • Earn credit for school.
  • Build your job skills and develop hands-on experience for your resume.
  • “Get your feet wet” with an internship and experience different aspects of the job you’re interested in.
  • Use your experience to influence what classes you take once you’re back at school.
  • Take what you learned in the field and apply it to your class work.
  • Networking: Form relationships with the people you work with. These relationships can turn into future references.
  • Get to know ADF&G as an employer and decide if it is somewhere you want to work. Your internship will provide excellent experience, especially when competing for a position with Fish and Game.
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