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Online Bowhunter Education
Field Day Schedule

The Online Bowhunter Education Field Day courses are only for students who have successfully completed the electronic portion of the Online Bowhunter Education course and have received their field day qualifier number. Only students with a valid Field Day Qualifier number will be able to sign up for the Online Bowhunter Education Field Day. These field days are NOT for students taking (or doing a re-shoot from) a Traditional Bowhunter Education course.

Bowhunter Education Field Day Schedule

City Date Time Seats left
ANCHORAGE 04/19/2014 Saturday, 1pm - 5pm. FULL*
ANCHORAGE 05/20/2014 Tuesday, 6pm - 10pm 9
ANCHORAGE 06/26/2014 Thursday, 6pm - 10pm 16
ANCHORAGE 07/15/2014 Tuesday, 6pm - 10pm. 23
ANCHORAGE 07/31/2014 Thursday, 6pm - 10pm 22
ANCHORAGE 08/09/2014 Saturday, 1pm - 5pm. 22
ANCHORAGE 08/12/2014 Tuesday, 6pm - 10pm. 22
ANCHORAGE 09/06/2014 Saturday, 1pm - 5pm. 23
ANCHORAGE 10/18/2014 Saturday, 1pm - 5pm. 24
ANCHORAGE 11/16/2014 Sunday, 1pm - 5pm. 24
ANCHORAGE 12/06/2014 Saturday, 1pm - 5pm 24
CLEAR 04/23/2014 Wednesday, 4:30pm - 8:30pm. Class is held on base - students need a valid drivers license, current vehicle registration and proof of insurance to drive on base. 10
FAIRBANKS 04/26/2014 Saturday, 9am - 1pm FULL*
FAIRBANKS 06/21/2014 Morning class: Saturday 9am - 1pm. 10
FAIRBANKS 06/21/2014 Afternoon class: Saturday, 2pm - 6pm. 21
FAIRBANKS 07/26/2014 Morning class: Saturday 9am - 1pm. 25
FAIRBANKS 07/26/2014 Afternoon session: Saturday, 2pm - 6pm. 29
FAIRBANKS 08/16/2014 Saturday, 9am - 1pm. 29
FAIRBANKS 08/25/2014 Monday, 6pm - 10pm. 30
FAIRBANKS 10/19/2014 Morning class: Sunday, 9am - 1pm. 30
FAIRBANKS 10/19/2014 Afternoon class: Sunday 2pm - 6pm. 30
GALENA 06/21/2014 Saturday, noon - 4pm. Students must do online course and sign up on line. 23
JUNEAU 07/12/2014 Saturday, 8:30am - noon. 10
JUNEAU 10/11/2014 Saturday, 2pm - 5:30pm. 12
JUNEAU 12/06/2014 Saturday, 8:30am - 12:00pm. 12
PALMER 05/15/2014 Thursday, 6pm - 10pm 8
PALMER 07/24/2014 Thursday, 6pm - 10pm 24
PALMER 08/07/2014 Thursday, 6pm - 10pm 24
PALMER 09/04/2014 Thursday, 6pm - 10pm 24
PALMER 10/12/2014 Sunday, 1pm - 5pm. 24
SOLDOTNA 05/17/2014 Saturday, 1pm - 5pm 17
SOLDOTNA 06/11/2014 Wednesday, 6pm - 10pm 21
SOLDOTNA 07/30/2014 Wednesday, 6pm - 10pm 23
SOLDOTNA 08/13/2014 Wednesday, 6pm - 10pm 24
SOLDOTNA 09/03/2014 Wednesday, 6pm - 10pm 24
SOLDOTNA 09/13/2014 Saturday, 1pm - 5pm 23
WASILLA 06/03/2014 Tuesday, 6pm - 10pm 12
WASILLA 06/24/2014 Tuesday, 6pm - 10pm 20
WASILLA 07/08/2014 Tuesday, 6pm - 10pm 24
* If a class is full and you choose to show up anyway, please be aware that you may not be able to participate.

To see the schedule of courses that have already occurred, visit the Past Online Course Schedule page.

If you have completed the computer study and testing portion of the online course and have waited three days for the data to be transferred, you can Click here to sign up for a field day. Remember, you will need to have your Field Day qualifier number in order to sign up.

NOTE: Students who have earned their Field Day Qualifier from the online course may not attend just the shoot portion of a Traditional Bowhunter Education course. You MUST attend the Online Bowhunter Education Field Day.

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