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Online Course Field Day Signup

In order to register for an Online Graduate Field Day, the following two conditions must have been met:

  1. You must have completed the Online Education course and have your Field Day Quallification certification number issued by the company managing the online course
  2. We must have received and loaded your graduate information from the company managing the online course. We receive these files once a day during business days. There may be a one to three day delay between the time you take the course and the time we receive your name, so it may take up to three days before you can register for a field day. For example, if you complete the online portion late on a Friday evening, your information may not be processed until Monday, and we may not receive it until Wednesday. Once we receive your information, you will automatically receive an email from ADF&G that will give you directions to sign up for a field day. Please be patient.

Based on your certification number, we will list the available classes you may enroll into.

Online Class Field Day Registration
Field Day Qualifier Number (required)
Enter numbers only. Do not enter the AK or AKM.
Certification Type (required) Bowhunter
Basic Hunter Ed
Muzzle Loader

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