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Statewide Regulations: November 10 – 17, 2017

On-time comments due: Friday, October 27, 2017
Location: Anchorage – The Lakefront Anchorage

Meeting Summary (PDF 96 kB)

RC1: Meeting Documents

Meeting Proposals

Statewide Regulations View PDF of all proposals for Statewide Regulations | Hide Category Statewide Regulations

RC2: On-Time Advisory Committee Comments

RC3: On-Time Public Comments

RC4: Department Reports & Recommendations

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC005 (PDF 349 kB) On-Time Comment Matrix
RC006 (PDF 79 kB) Upper Tanana AC Comments
RC007 (PDF 48 kB) Cindy Lea Comments on Proposal 64
RC008 (PDF 32 kB) Richard Woodruff Comments on Proposal 62
RC009 (PDF 196 kB) Delta AC Comments
RC010 (PDF 110 kB) Chris Harper Comments on Sheep Proposals
RC011 (PDF 31 kB) Deborah Voves Comments on Proposal 62
RC012 (PDF 33 kB) Pattie Webb Comments on Proposal 62
RC013 (PDF 2,123 kB) Jeff Bushke Comments on Proposal 17
RC014 (PDF 49 kB) FAR Comments on Proposal 62 and 63
RC015 (PDF 55 kB) Vince Support Prop 15
RC016 (PDF 606 kB) Kenneth Jacobus Prop 62 info
RC017 (PDF 669 kB) Mid Lower Yukon AC Statewide proposal comments
RC018 (PDF 961 kB) Sara Taylor Briefing re NPS Rule for Subsistence Collection on Parklands
RC019 (PDF 149 kB) Jeff Wright Prop 62 support
RC020 (PDF 413 kB) Kurt Schmidt Prop 19 and 23 amendments
RC021 (PDF 197 kB) Frederick Minshall BOG presentation
RC022 (PDF 99 kB) Frederick Minshall Toxoplasmosis
RC023 (PDF 95 kB) Frederick Minshall Toxoplasmosis in drinking water
RC024 (PDF 256 kB) Frederick Minshall Toxoplasmosis in the Arctic
RC025 (PDF 252 kB) Nonresident Hunting Opportunity draft finding and policy 11-2017
RC026 (PDF 318 kB) AK Wild Sheep Foundation Prop 64 amended
RC027 (PDF 104 kB) Barbra Wills Personal testimony
RC028 (PDF 107 kB) American Dairy Goat Assoc Prop 64
RC029 (PDF 140 kB) American Goat Federation Oppose Prop 90
RC030 (PDF 129 kB) Alys Culhane Oppose Prop 64
RC031 (PDF 117 kB) Cindy Lea Oppose Prop 64
RC033 (PDF 171 kB) AK Migratory Bird Co-Mgmt Council
RC034 (PDF 2,769 kB) Dr Bob Gerlach MOVI PowerPoint
RC035 (PDF 34 kB) Mrs Wendi Partusch Support Prop 62
RC036 (PDF 187 kB) Bruce Ervin personal testimony
RC037 (PDF 98 kB) Jazmyn Vent personal testimony
RC038 (PDF 141 kB) Vincent Goodlataw personal testimony
RC039 (PDF 53 kB) Shirley Smelcer personal testimony
RC040 (PDF 69 kB) ADFG Sealing and Payment Info
RC041 (PDF 640 kB) AK Wild Sheep Foundation Disease Free North
RC042 (PDF 126 kB) Birch Yuknis staff comments Prop 34
RC043 (PDF 89 kB) Ben Stevens personal testimony
RC044 (PDF 189 kB) Israel Payton sheep regulation info
RC045 (PDF 187 kB) Fairbanks AC Prop 66 amended
RC046 (PDF 237 kB) Becky Schwanke personal testimony
RC047 (PDF 301 kB) Don Hunley falconry info
RC048 (PDF 315 kB) Public Testimony List
RC049 (PDF 87 kB) Arnold Demoski personal testimony
RC050 (PDF 131 kB) Robert Evans personal testimony
RC051 (PDF 306 kB) Shannon Basner prresentation
RC052 (PDF 104 kB) Gloria Stickwan Prop 54 55 56 57
RC053 (PDF 209 kB) Mark Richards on economic contributions
RC054 (PDF 49 kB) Alissa Joseph Institute of Cultural and Natural Resources
RC055 (PDF 307 kB) Brad Sparks Presentation
RC056 (PDF 63 kB) Mercedes Knighten proposal comments
RC057 (PDF 127 kB) Mike McCrary nonresident allocation policy
RC058 (PDF 30 kB) Ben Juneby proposal comments
RC059 (PDF 96 kB) Nancy Bale comments on proposal 66
RC060 (PDF 102 kB) Milena Sevigny comments on proposal 64
RC061 (PDF 109 kB) AK Dairy Goat Assoc proposal 64
RC062 (PDF 244 kB) Suzy Crosby comments on proposal 64
RC063 (PDF 24 kB) Loren Karro suggested change to RC006
RC064 (PDF 37 kB) Jeremy Straughn Community Subsistence Hunt
RC065 (PDF 26 kB) Dept of Law Immediate Family Members graph
RC066 (PDF 79 kB) Thor Stacey nonresident allocations
RC067 (PDF 492 kB) Mary O'Connor CDC info on Toxoplasmosis
RC068 (PDF 214 kB) Jeff Judd comments on proposal 64
RC069 (PDF 89 kB) Boards Support AG letter on community hunts
RC070 (PDF 195 kB) David Lorring microchipping falcons
RC071 (PDF 33 kB) Gayla Hoseth Proposal 43 and 4 comments
RC072 (PDF 211 kB) Alaska Wildlife Troopers Trail Camera Technology Proposal 13
RC073 (PDF 16 kB) Gloria Stickwan Proposal 13 amendment suggestion
RC074 (PDF 133 kB) Mark Richards RHAK Proposals 36 & 37
RC075 (PDF 100 kB) Suzy Crosby Proposal 64
RC076 (PDF 69 kB) ADFG Furbearer Trapping and Unlawful Exceptions
RC077 (PDF 119 kB) Teresa Beck Townhall Meeting on Proposal 64
RC078 (PDF 107 kB) ADFG Prop 13 Amendment
RC079 (PDF 182 kB) ADFG Prop 28 to 30 data
RC080 (PDF 165 kB) ADFG AWT Prop 13 amended
RC081 (PDF 79 kB) ADFG AWT Prop 7 amended
RC082 (PDF 133 kB) ADFG Prop 36 Slides
RC083 (PDF 877 kB) Thor Stacey AK Guided Hunting 2015 info
RC084 (PDF 217 kB) Frederick Minshall Rebuttal to Prop 62 release
RC085 (PDF 141 kB) Gayla Hoseth Prop 41 additional comments
RC086 (PDF 167 kB) Amy Seitz AK Farm Bureau Inc Prop 64 comments
RC087 (PDF 103 kB) ADFG Prop 31 and 32 data
RC088 (PDF 95 kB) Mike McCrary Prop 10 comment
RC089 (PDF 387 kB) Resident Hunters of AK RC 25 comment
RC090 (PDF 58 kB) Loren Karro RC 25 amended
RC091 (PDF 350 kB) ADFG Prop 67 amendment
RC092 (PDF 43 kB) ADFG Prop 13 amendment
RC093 (PDF 1,026 kB) ADFG Misc Business Agenda and Packet
RC094 (PDF 302 kB) ADFG RC Index
RC095 (PDF 46 kB) ADFG Prop 64 Meeting Summary

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