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Statewide Regulations, Cycles A & B – March 18-28, 2016

Location: Fairbanks – Pike's Waterfront Lodge
On-time comment due date: March 4, 2016
Agenda Change Request Deadline: January 18, 2016

Meeting Summary:

RC1: Meeting Documents:

RC2: Advisory Committee Comments

RC3: Public Comments

RC4: Staff Reports & Recommendations:

Reports submitted during the meeting (RCs)

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC005 (PDF 55 kB) Draft Proposal Review Policy
RC006 (PDF 104 kB) Middle Nenana AC Meeting Minutes
RC007 (PDF 40 kB) Carol Nicholson General Comment
RC008 (PDF 39 kB) Chris Albert Trapping Comment
RC009 (PDF 54 kB) Denise Hughett Prop 78 79 80
RC010 (PDF 40 kB) Donald Molde Trapping Comment
RC011 (PDF 50 kB) Janet Rhodes Prop 141
RC012 (PDF 40 kB) Joan Connorton Trapping Comment
RC013 (PDF 38 kB) Kayne Sirocco La Trans Trapping Comment
RC014 (PDF 40 kB) Marcia Denison Prop 141
RC015 (PDF 42 kB) Paul Chanek Prop 78 79
RC016 (PDF 45 kB) Samantha Marlin Prop 90
RC017 (PDF 41 kB) Tim Dugger Prop 92 93
RC018 (PDF 43 kB) Wayne Floyd Prop 90
RC019 (PDF 42 kB) Andrew Marante General Comment
RC020 (PDF 200 kB) Alaska Bowhunters Association
RC021 (PDF 461 kB) John Frost
RC022 (PDF 175 kB) Multiple Submitters Prop 88 89
RC023 (PDF 156 kB) Multiple Submitters Prop 88 89
RC024 (PDF 76 kB) Multiple Submitters Prop 88 89
RC025 (PDF 84 kB) Ronald Clarke Prop 92 93
RC026 (PDF 96 kB) Kwethluk Inc March Meeting Comments
RC027 (PDF 463 kB) Charlie and Linda Rutledge Mulipul Prop
RC028 (PDF 170 kB) Fairbanks AC March 9 2016 Minutes
RC029 (PDF 406 kB) Rob Sulski Prop 92
RC030 (PDF 43 kB) Spence Wise Prop 92
RC031 (PDF 15 kB) Delta AC Prop 92 93
RC032 (PDF 65 kB) Mid Lower Yukon AC Minutes
RC034 (PDF 45 kB) Birch Yuknis
RC035 (PDF 587 kB) Resident Hunters AK Mark Richards Conflict of Interest
RC036 (PDF 683 kB) Resident Hunters AK Conflict of Interes
RC037 (PDF 46 kB) Paul Mascuch Falconry
RC038 (PDF 51 kB) BOG Finding Proposal 207
RC039 (PDF 110 kB) Mike McCrary Guide Use Area
RC040 (PDF 640 kB) Suzy Crosby Prop 90
RC041 (PDF 540 kB) Jim O Connor Prop 90
RC042 (PDF 597 kB) Mary Gallaway Prop 90
RC043 (PDF 144 kB) Alaska Dairy Goat Association Prop 90
RC044 (PDF 413 kB) ADF&G Index of On-Time Comments
RC045 (PDF 43 kB) Clee Sealing Prop 92
RC046 (PDF 72 kB) John Graham Jr Prop 92
RC047 (PDF 32 kB) Joel Knutson Falconry
RC048 (PDF 343 kB) Bethel AC Corrected Minutes March
RC049 (PDF 122 kB) Karen Olsen Prop 91
RC050 (PDF 40 kB) Linda Knott Prop 90
RC051 (PDF 1,902 kB) NPS Denali Presentation
RC052 (PDF 198 kB) American Falconry Conservancy Prop 92
RC053 (PDF 134 kB) Alaska Federation of Natives Resolution 09 11
RC054 (PDF 2,972 kB) Wrangell AC Burl Point Examples
RC055 (PDF 53 kB) Joe Want Presentation
RC056 (PDF 46 kB) Stacy Olliva Prop 90
RC057 (PDF 153 kB) Rod Arno AOC Comments
RC058 (PDF 136 kB) Kurt Schmidt Prop 92
RC059 (PDF 35 kB) Anchorage AC Anchorage Moose Hunter Participation GMU
RC060 (PDF 183 kB) AK Wild Sheep Foundation Disease Risk
RC061 (PDF 995 kB) Kevin Kehoe Reducing Disease Risk to Dall Sheet Mountain Goats
RC062 (PDF 95 kB) Anchorage AC Hunting License Data
RC063 (PDF 71 kB) Orville Huntington Testimony
RC064 (PDF 248 kB) Al Barrette License & Tag Inspection Legal Opinion
RC065 (PDF 44 kB) Dan Montgomery Stats for Prop 139
RC066 (PDF 364 kB) Central Kuskokwim AC Corrected Minutes
RC067 (PDF 208 kB) Fairbanks AC Public Testimony
RC068 (PDF 172 kB) Karen Linnell Prop 3 67 141
RC069 (PDF 57 kB) Gary Stevens Kodiak Brown Bear Fall Draw Info 2015
RC070 (PDF 643 kB) Joe Want RC55 Enlarged
RC071 (PDF 45 kB) Kari Butler Prop 90
RC072 (PDF 45 kB) Kelly Dellar Prop 90
RC073 (PDF 132 kB) Christina Miller Prop 90
RC074 (PDF 206 kB) Troy Morris American Falconry Conservancy Compromise Prop 92
RC075 (PDF 43 kB) Lake Iliamna Testimony
RC076 (PDF 36 kB) Jim Tilly Personal Comments
RC077 (PDF 64 kB) Aaron Bloomquist Sheep Bag Limit by Age
RC078 (PDF 22 kB) Aaron Bloomquist Amend Prop 34
RC079 (PDF 95 kB) Richard Bishop Multiple Proposals
RC080 (PDF 24 kB) Virgil Umphenour Land Owner Big Game Program List
RC081 (PDF 1,480 kB) Michelle Anderson Trapping Comment
RC082 (PDF 75 kB) Pat OBrien Trapping Comments
RC083 (PDF 109 kB) APHA Substitute Language Prop 22
RC084 (PDF 1,262 kB) ADF&G Prop 85 Presentation
RC085 (PDF 57 kB) Deanna OConnor Prop 90
RC086 (PDF 137 kB) Jeff Tina Judd Prop 90
RC087 (PDF 62 kB) Tiana Thomas Prop 90
RC088 (PDF 308 kB) AK Farm Bureau Prop 90
RC089 (PDF 24 kB) Corey Dalton Comment Prop 92 93
RC090 (PDF 26 kB) NPS Further Comment Prop 141
RC091 (PDF 10 kB) ADF&G On Time Comment Matrix Corrections
RC092 (PDF 87 kB) Martin Nicolai Kwethluk Inc Comments
RC093 (PDF 70 kB) ADFG per BOG Increase Drawing Permit opportunities
RC094 (PDF 67 kB) Steve Chitty Prop 92
RC095 (PDF 88 kB) Joel Knutson Prop 92
RC096 (PDF 96 kB) Al Barette Reconsider Prop 4
RC097 (PDF 44 kB) Doug Malone per Findings for 207
RC098 (PDF 128 kB) Togiak AC Meeting Minutes
RC099 (PDF 1,161 kB) Bill Murrin American Falconry Conservancy Prop 92 93
RC100 (PDF 104 kB) Dave Lorring Falconry Regulation Cycle
RC101 (PDF 175 kB) Joan Wymer Prop 92 93
RC102 (PDF 99 kB) Doug Alton Prop 92
RC103 (PDF 76 kB) Paul Domski Prop 92 93
RC104 (PDF 78 kB) Laura Hazelette Prop 92
RC105 (PDF 40 kB) Jim OConnor Prop 90
RC106 (PDF 46 kB) Joe Buck Prop 90
RC107 (PDF 42 kB) James Knowlton Prop 90
RC108 (PDF 1,022 kB) Suzy Crosby Prop 90
RC109 (PDF 159 kB) Megan Hamlin Prop 90
RC110 (PDF 108 kB) Michelle Olsen Prop 90
RC111 (PDF 281 kB) Marcia Knowlton Prop 90
RC112 (PDF 58 kB) ADFG per BOG Adopting Findings for 207 into Regulation
RC113 (PDF 569 kB) Mike Pendergrast Prop 90
RC114 (PDF 146 kB) ADFG Sub Language Prop 137a
RC115 (PDF 122 kB) ADFG Additional Data Request per BOG Prop 51
RC116 (PDF 50 kB) ADFG BDS Form Letter Denali Wolves
RC117 (PDF 60 kB) ADFG Subs Language Prop 99
RC118 (PDF 309 kB) Dale Hall Request Adjust Falconry Schedule
RC119 (PDF 55 kB) Steven Hallenbeck Reconsider Prop 30
RC120 (PDF 54 kB) Ahtna Inc Prop 3
RC121 (PDF 215 kB) Ahtna Request Special Meeting Moose CSH in Copper Basin
RC122 (PDF 20 kB) Sager Albaugh Sub Language Prop 84
RC123 (PDF 95 kB) ADFG Correction RC115 Prop 51
RC124 (PDF 102 kB) Public Testimony Log
RC125 (PDF 490 kB) EIRAC Letter FWS Proposed Rule Comment
RC126 (PDF 262 kB) Proposal Review Policy
RC127 (PDF 39 kB) Falconry Schedule Change Request
RC128 (PDF 22 kB) Sub Language Prop 3
RC129 (PDF 132 kB) BOG Draft Letter to FWS re Proposed Rule
RC130 (PDF 36 kB) Miscellaneous Business Agenda
RC131 (PDF 29 kB) Draft Findings
RC132 (PDF 62 kB) ADF&G Record Copy Log
RC133 (PDF 449 kB) Denali Citizens Council Wolf Pack Map

Meeting Audio

(Friday, March 18 - Thursday, March 26, 2016)

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