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Southcentral Region: March 14-19, 2019

On-time comments due: Friday, March 1, 2019
Location: Anchorage - Sheraton Anchorage Hotel

Summary of Actions (PDF 136 kB)

RC1: Meeting Documents


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RC2 On-Time Advisory Committee Comments

RC3 On-Time Public Comments

RC4 Department Reports & Recommendations

Record Copies (RCs) — Documents submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC005 (PDF 349 kB) On Time Comment Matrix
RC006 (PDF 14 kB) ADF&G amended language for Proposal 149
RC007 (PDF 247 kB) Tanana Rampart Manley AC Proposal 136 & minutes 12.14. 18
RC008 (PDF 209 kB) Mt Yenlo AC minutes 3.5.2019
RC009 (PDF 95 kB) Susitna Valley AC minutes 10.11.2018 & 2.13.2019
RC010 (PDF 219 kB) Minto Nenana AC minutes 12.18.2018
RC011 (PDF 82 kB) Lake Iliamna AC minutes 2.13.2019
RC012 (PDF 451 kB) Middle Nenana River AC minutes 2.20.2019
RC013 (PDF 1,036 kB) Kotzebue AC minutes 1.29.2019
RC014 (PDF 325 kB) Southern Norton Sound AC minutes 3.8.2019
RC015 (PDF 10,113 kB) DNR Cabin Sites Existing & Proposed
RC016 (PDF 178 kB) Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Comments
RC017 (PDF 252 kB) Cultural&Traditional Use Committee GMU20B Moose
RC018 (PDF 1,141 kB) Chair Spraker Bob Cusack GMU9B Bears
RC019 (PDF 41 kB) Delegation of Authority
RC020 (PDF 634 kB) Amy Fredette Proposal 108
RC021 (PDF 278 kB) Heather Bergman AK Sheep and Goat Working Group Report
RC022 (PDF 1,443 kB) Dan Presley Proposal Comments
RC023 (PDF 808 kB) Mark Richards Brown bear drawing showup and success
RC024 (PDF 649 kB) James R Van Oss Homer Soil and Water Prop 89 comments
RC025 (PDF 57 kB) James R Van Oss Aron and Georgene Peterson Prop 89 comments
RC026 (PDF 177 kB) Frank Sanders DWC ACR 10 comments
RC027 (PDF 42 kB) Debora Cooper Prop 147 comment
RC028 (PDF 44 kB) Doug Malone Prop 74 comments
RC029 (PDF 170 kB) DPS Moose Cases GMU 7 and 15 2016 to 2018
RC030 (PDF 480 kB) Dave Blossom Kenai Peninsula Fall 2015 Harvest Survey data
RC031 (PDF 17 kB) Boards Kodiak AC Corrections
RC032 (PDF 301 kB) ADF&G Subs Migratory Bird Subsistence Harvest info
RC033 (PDF 82 kB) John Rydeen Personal Testimony Prop 99
RC034 (PDF 421 kB) Bob Cusack Prop 147 bear season
RC035 (PDF 2,838 kB) Michael Zweng Prop 105
RC036 (PDF 819 kB) Tom Kirsten Proposal comments
RC037 (PDF 747 kB) Tom Kirsten Personal testimony
RC038 (PDF 50 kB) Mat Valley AC Vote Tally
RC039 (PDF 479 kB) Kevin Kehoe AK Wild Sheep Foundation re M.ovi efforts
RC040 (PDF 203 kB) Brad Sparks Presentation Kodiak Brown Bear
RC041 (PDF 97 kB) Susitna Valley AC Testimony
RC042 (PDF 403 kB) ADF&G Subsistence Corrected Slide 15 C and T Unit 15C black bear
RC043 (PDF 636 kB) Dept of Law Responce on Proposal 55
RC044 (PDF 246 kB) Burnis Sims GMU 15 and 7 Moose Harvest data
RC045 (PDF 408 kB) Alysia Hancock Testimony
RC046 (PDF 650 kB) ADF&G WC Prop 121 map
RC047 (PDF 822 kB) Wayne Kubat Testimony
RC048 (PDF 418 kB) Alysia Hancock Prop 128 info
RC049 (PDF 70 kB) Dan Montgomery Prop 115 amendment
RC050 (PDF 114 kB) Sam Rohrer et al Prop 100 and 130 options
RC051 (PDF 1,045 kB) ADF&G WC Kodiak Brown Bear survey data
RC052 (PDF 238 kB) Boards Support Public Testimony List
RC053 (PDF 37 kB) ADF&G WC Prop 112 Slide 18 Correction
RC054 (PDF 1,124 kB) ADF&G WC Evaluation of Breakaway Snares from UNL
RC055 (PDF 24 kB) ADF&G WC Prop 100 amendment
RC056 (PDF 825 kB) Delta AC minutes
RC057 (PDF 1,013 kB) ADF&G Proposal 147 148 Presentation Update
RC058 (PDF 317 kB) ADF&G Kenai Peninsula Brown Bear Demographics
RC059 (PDF 685 kB) ADF&G Kenai Peninsula Moose Research Summary
RC060 (PDF 417 kB) ADF&G Proposal 149 Presentation Update
RC061 (PDF 507 kB) ADF&G WC Prop 146 Substitute language
RC062 (PDF 223 kB) Boards RC Log
RC063 (PDF 33 kB) Misc Business Agenda
RC064 (PDF 80 kB) BOG Finding on subsistence moose 19A Remainder
RC065 (PDF 1,438 kB) Linnell Cultural-Education Permit Application
RC066 (PDF 96 kB) ADF&G Proposal 126 additional slides

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