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Interior Region – February 14-23, 2014

Comment Deadline: January 31, 2014 ACR Deadline: December 16, 2013

Location: Fairbanks – Alpine Lodge

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC003 (PDF 185 kB) AC PC Matrix
RC004 (PDF 31 kB) Ruby AC Preliminary Comments
RC005 (PDF 429 kB) Koyukuk River AC Comment Proposal 50
RC006 (PDF 115 kB) Upper Tanana Fortymile AC Minutes February
RC007 (PDF 87 kB) Ahtna Proposal 85
RC008 (PDF 40 kB) Charles Derrick Proposal 107
RC009 (PDF 18 kB) David Auld HB202
RC010 (PDF 24 kB) David Davenport HB202
RC011 (PDF 23 kB) Tim Cook HB202
RC012 (PDF 22 kB) Bob Brunke HB202
RC013 (PDF 18 kB) P.A. Gooley HB202
RC014 (PDF 13 kB) Delta AC Resind Proposal 95
RC015 (PDF 57 kB) Togiak AC Minutes
RC016 (PDF 21 kB) Dave Sinnett HB202
RC017 (PDF 945 kB) Napaimute Proposal 67
RC018 (PDF 151 kB) Doyon Limited Proposal 121
RC019 (PDF 142 kB) Fairbanks AC Proposal 107
RC020 (PDF 687 kB) Mark Richards HB158 DNR Guide
RC021 (PDF 130 kB) Mark Richards Backcountry WoodRiver
RC022 (PDF 196 kB) Mark Richards Doug Borland Prop 44
RC023 (PDF 663 kB) GMU 13 Annual IM Report
RC024 (PDF 409 kB) GMU 9C and 9E Annual IM Report
RC025 (PDF 298 kB) GMU 9D Annual IM Report
RC026 (PDF 352 kB) GMU 16 Annual IM Report
RC027 (PDF 614 kB) GMU 9B 17B 17C 19A 19B Annual IM Report
RC028 (PDF 305 kB) Debra W Curnow Proposals 99 and 100
RC029 (PDF 1,112 kB) Lee Olsen Bear Pictures
RC030 (PDF 118 kB) Isaac Rowland Sheep Evidence
RC031 (PDF 202 kB) Ivan Clark 20A Sheep Regression
RC032 (PDF 926 kB) USFWS Western Interior RAC Comments on Proposals
RC033 (PDF 1,410 kB) Danny Grandgaard Upper Tanana 40Mile Testimony
RC034 (PDF 251 kB) Nina Heyano Tozitna Limited Resolution
RC035 (PDF 411 kB) Raymond Woods Manley Village Council Resolution
RC036 (PDF 251 kB) Virgil Umphenour Community Perspective
RC037 (PDF 374 kB) Smokey Duncan Testimony
RC038 (PDF 551 kB) central kuskokwim ac minutes
RC039 (PDF 677 kB) Joe Want public testimony
RC040 (PDF 3,636 kB) adfg teshekpuk caribou c & t worksheet
RC041 (PDF 4,509 kB) adfg teshekpuk oral presentation
RC042 (PDF 1,628 kB) adfg gmu 18 muskox c & t worksheet
RC043 (PDF 461 kB) adfg gmu 19 dall sheep c & t worksheet
RC044 (PDF 107 kB) adfg proposal 50 corrected slide
RC045 (PDF 254 kB) Doug Carney Boundary Line
RC046 (PDF 289 kB) Ruby AC Meeting Minutes
RC047 (PDF 134 kB) Amended Language Proposal 62A
RC048 (PDF 105 kB) Amended Language Proposal 63A
RC049 (PDF 23 kB) Native Village of Chuathbaluk Resolution on Proposal 67
RC050 (PDF 17 kB) Board Generated Proposal Nunivak Island Muskox
RC051 (PDF 253 kB) Proposal 68 Amended Language and Hunt Information
RC052 (PDF 70 kB) Public Testimony Sign-up Log
RC053 (PDF 400 kB) Corrected Slide RC2 Tab 7 Slide Presentation
RC054 (PDF 137 kB) Corrected Slide RC2 Tab7 Slide66
RC055 (PDF 42 kB) Proposal 109A Amended Language
RC056 (PDF 42 kB) Proposal 111A Amended Language
RC057 (PDF 20 kB) Proposal 118A Amended Language
RC058 (PDF 259 kB) GMU 20A Outside Fairbanks Nonsubsistence Area ANS Notes
RC059 (PDF 52 kB) Proposal 112A Amended Language
RC060 (PDF 22 kB) Proposal 111B Amended Language
RC061 (PDF 101 kB) Paxon AC Minutes
RC062 (PDF 91 kB) BOG Finding Teshekpuk Caribou
RC063 (PDF 46 kB) BOG Generated Proposal Unlawful Methods of Taking Game; Exceptions
RC064 (PDF 12 kB) Misc Agenda
RC065 (PDF 57 kB) Record Copy Log

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