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Shoemaker Bay (Wrangell)

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Restroom Facility at Shoemaker Bay Boat Ramp


Shoemaker Bay is located 5½ miles south of Wrangell city center on Zimovia Highway. Prior to this project there was only one boat launch facility in Wrangell, and it was far from adequate. The existing facility was only usable at high tide, had no associated parking, and the approach was basically located in the middle of the street. Congestion was always a problem during high use times.


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This project was designed to construct a second boat launch in the Wrangell area to allow a safer, easier way for anglers and recreational boaters access to the surrounding marine waters and the Stikine River. The objective was to construct a new single lane concrete ramp, associated moorage float, and associated parking in the existing Shoemaker Bay Harbor.

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Shoemaker Bay Boat Ramp


Construction was completed in May 1989 and all of the objectives were met. This ramp has become extremely popular with the recreational boating and angling public in Wrangell, especially considering it is the only 24 hour a day operational launch facility in town. This facility is operated and maintained by the City of Wrangell.