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Klawock, Alaska

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Klawock boat ramp


The city of Klawock is located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island, which at the time of this project was one of the regions fastest growing marine sport fisheries. These marine waters supply numerous angling opportunities for salmon, halibut, rockfish, crab and shrimp. Prior to this project, Klawock only had one small primitive gravel ramp located right off the highway. This ramp was very limited by the fact it had no parking or staging area, was only usable at high tide with four wheel drive, and caused hazards pulling onto the highway. In the spring of 1994, the Klawock City Council announced their full support for a new boat launch facility located on city property at the conjunction of First St. and Bayview Blvd. just north of the Klawock boat harbor.


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The main objective of this project was to construct a new one lane boat launch ramp, associated parking area, and moorage float to accommodate the increasing number of recreational boaters and sport anglers in the Klawock area.

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Parking facility at Klawock


Unfortunately the proposed location proved to be an engineering nightmare, and the original design was modified somewhat to allow completion within budget parameters. Project construction was completed in the spring of 1998. All of the objectives were met with the exception of the moorage float. Budget restraints only allowed for the pilings to be installed, however, the city did come back in 2000 with their own funding and installed the moorage float. This facility is operated and maintained by the City of Klawock.