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Hollis, Alaska

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Construction of the Hollis boat ramp


The Hollis Boat Launch facility is located on the east side of Prince of Wales Island and allows access to the marine waters of Twelve Mile Arm, Kasaan Bay, Karta Bay, Skowl Arm, and Clarence Strait. These bodies of water support good runs of salmon, halibut, rockfish, Dungeness crab, and shrimp. The existing facility included a single lane concrete ramp that was in very poor condition, possibly causing damage to trailers and vehicle tires, and was not usable below a 0 foot low tide. The associated parking area could only accommodate three vehicles with trailers and users were forced to find parking along the road.


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The original objective was to replace the ramp, expand the parking area, and add a moorage float. However, the cost estimates were well above the budget and after meeting with the Department of Transportation and members of the Hollis community, it was decided to put all of the effort into just replacing/extending the ramp.

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Boat ramp at Hollis


Construction was completed in the spring of 2004 and the new ramp was open for public use immediately afterward. The new ramp is now usable at a -4 foot low tide and any safety issues with tire damage have been eliminated. Depending on the amount of increased use, a parking expansion project maybe warranted in the future. This facility is operated and maintained by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.