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Whittier Harbor Launch


Prior to 2000, access to Whittier was by boat or via the Alaska Railroad. In June 2000 the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities in cooperation with Federal Highway Administration completed a road project which provided road accessibility to Whittier for the first time. The port of Whittier provides convenient access to thousands of miles of undeveloped shorelines and marine waters, which are popular with recreational power boaters and sport anglers. Sport fisheries in Whittier area waters are primarily marine in nature and target salmon and halibut. A marked increase in recreational boater use and angler effort has been observed since the road was open to the public. The existing ramp was over 25 years old and in a state of disrepair. This project rehabilitated the old ramps and mooring float in order to accommodate the current and increasing power boating and sport angling use.

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The project objective was to rehabilitate and improve the boat launch ramp facilities at Whittier Harbor by replacing the two-lane dilapidated launch ramps and mooring dock with new boat mooring docks and a three-lane launch ramp for the benefit of recreational boating and sport fishing public.


This project was completed and open to the public in May of 2009, just in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Three launch ramps and two mooring floats were constructed which have increased the launch efficiency and overall safety of the site.