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Boat ramp - top view


The Port of Seward, located in Resurrection Bay, boasts one of Alaska’s most visited harbors. The original boat harbor was built in 1965 after the 1964 earthquake destroyed Seward’s waterfront. Prior to this project, the harbor had only one public boat ramp, which was located in the harbor’s southwest corner. Increases in sport fishing effort and recreational boater use contributed to overcrowding, vehicle congestion, poor traffic flow, and unsafe vehicle/pedestrian conditions at the southwest ramp location. This project was designed to provide a second boat ramp in Seward along with additional parking and other amenities.



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The project objectives included construction of a four-lane boat ramp with three boarding floats in the northeast corner of Seward Harbor, an associated 160-space parking area to accommodate vehicles with boat trailers and men’s and women’s rest rooms.


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Boat ramp - view from the dock

The project was completed in August 1995. The entire site is barrier-free and the restrooms are fully accessible. Accessible parking spaces are provided for boaters and anglers who have disabilities. The addition of the northeast ramp has provided boaters with the choice of two boat ramps to use. However, the newer, northeast location provides a safer and more convenient launch site than the older ramp located in the southwest corner of the harbor. The new site has helped reduced the turn-around time for launches and retrievals and decreased vehicle congestion and overcrowding. It also provides sufficient parking and restrooms, which were lacking at the old site.