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The land acquisition and development of the Pillars Boat Launch Facility located on the Kenai River was completed in 1996, using Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Funds under project F-13-D-27. The facility is owned by the State of Alaska, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Sport Fish (ADF&G). The ADF&G Pillars Boat Launch is positioned on the north bank of the Kenai River and owes its popularity to its accessibility and close proximity to many of the more popular fishing holes. The Kenai River offers a variety of recreation activities such as shore and boat fishing, bird watching and wildlife viewing.

The Pillars Boat Launch Facility services include an interpretive kiosk with educational displays, river bank viewing deck and grate-walks, fee station, two vaulted toilets and day-use parking area, on-site host cabin, vehicle turnaround area, concrete-plank boat ramp and a boat mooring float. This facility is barrier free and is the only public facility located on the Kenai River between river mile 20.5 and the mouth.

The existing mooring float was constructed as part of the original Pillars Boat Launch Acquisition and Development project. This float is approximately thirteen years old and was primarily designed to accommodate the then available equipment necessary to seasonally remove the float sections. As such, the constructed float was not ideal and was unable to accommodate normal boat wakes, creating unstable conditions for its users. Additionally, thirteen years of hard use has resulted in worn parts and overall decreased floatation.

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Pillars Boat Launch before
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Pillars Boat Launch after


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The objective of this project was to remove the existing, undersized mooring float and replace and install a new accessible float to better accommodate boaters utilizing this high-use boat launch facility.


This project was completed in spring of 2012. The new mooring float increases the quality of the existing access site by providing a safer, more accessible, stable and efficient facility.