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Longmare Lake is located on the Kenai Peninsula approximately 5½ miles northeast of Soldotna at milepost 88.9 of the Sterling Highway. The Division of Sport Fish (DSF) purchased the two parcels comprising the Longmare Lake access site in 1971. The 0.9-acre site provides access to about 147 feet of lake frontage and is the only public access to the lake, which is surrounded by private property. In the mid-1970’s, the DSF constructed a small parking area and 12-foot wide concrete-plank boat ramp. The site is frequently used by sport anglers fishing for stocked rainbow trout and coho salmon, water skiers, recreational boaters, swimmers, float tubers, and jet skiers. Over the years heavy use resulted in extensive damage to the boat ramp, creating broken planks and an unsafe launching surface. The dirt access road and parking area were also eroded and messy due to soft soils and poor drainage. This project addressed these problems and helped repair the damage and improve the site.

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The objective of this project was to renovate the boating access site by replacing and lengthening the concrete plank ramp, resurfacing and paving the short dirt access road and parking area, providing a portable toilet screen, and better road and parking lot drainage via culverts and ditching.


The project was completed in 2003. The boating public, sport anglers, and other users of Longmare Lake now experience a safer and more accessible site. The new ramp is wider and longer, greatly improving trailer-maneuvering space during boat launching and retrieving. Drainage improvements and asphalt paving of the road and parking area provide more organized parking, safer vehicle traffic flow, and help to decrease road maintenance needs. Overall, the quality of the access site is much improved and provides a safer, more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing facility.